Development Update: ThorPay - Safe Haven

Development Update: ThorPay

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ThorPay has been on our roadmap for quite some time. It has been most worked on within Q3/Q4; in truth, Inheriti, ThorBlock, SafeNode, SafeKey, SafeID all took precedence. It is not what we originally intended, however we need to be resilient and be able to flex if/when necessary. Safe Haven’s ecosystem is dependent on several other elements within, therefore at times it requires us to change directions. We of course, did not want to move from 2019 without an update. It is also a very good possibility that this will be the last development update prior to the public BETA release. Expect to see more on ThorPay in the near future…

First, a quick recap. ThorPay ALPHA was created with a software development kit that handles multiple transactions with one-click, for several VIP-180 tokens. ThorPay presented a graphical user interface for the overview of transfers, add transfers, and edit transfers.

Since then, we have advanced ThorPay to better serve the target audience. Thus, we have added several features that we expect business owners and payment providers will see as valuable. The ThorPay application program interface that serves the connection between the platform and the database, has been completely rebuilt. We would like to take a chance to walk you through some of the features offered on ThorPay.

*ThorPay currently communicates with SafeID for login purposes. All users will be required to have a SafeID account for login to ThorPay. This continues our goals of ensuring security and identification authentication.*

ThorPay’s improved user-menu consists of:

  • Dashboard — Immediate return to the user’s dashboard.
  • Companies — Company specific information will be entered here. Furthermore, tools such as permissions/authorizations will be granted from this selection. Others may be added to the company permissions based on an invite link.
  • Employees — Employees within the company will be added and controlled from this menu.
  • Transfers — All transfers utilizing ThorPay will kept for record in this area, as well as the editing and initiating of such.


The user dashboard employs a tile-like structure that allows one to quickly review the elements of their menu drop-down. These tiles are less detailed and possess less detail editing than their showcased field-tabs.


Add Company

After login, an individual may establish a company by adding all the details of their organization. Companies made will be linked to the SafeID account that established them. This ensures that the user’s profile and data follows them, as necessary.


After the user establishes the company, they may return back to their companies tab and a user friendly list will appear for the organizations associated with the SafeID.

Edit Company

Users will then be able to edit their companies as necessary to ensure all pertinent information is up-to-date.


Individual employees are linked to a companies. One will first choose the company from the drop-down and then be presented with a list of employees within the selected organization.

Add Employee/Edit Employee

Users can add individual employees to their organizations and further edit the employee card when necessary to ensure relevant information is recorded.


Within this menu, all information regarding blockchain asset transfers will be kept.

Add Transfer/Edit Transfer

Static transfers and automatic transfers will be available within ThorPay. It will allow for the one-time transfer or recurring options. Users may also update transfer information for more efficient record keeping.

As a whole, one aspect of ThorPay that users should expect is the ability to quickly update within the application. It is extremely important that users can modify information in a professional manner, as ThorPay can issue several distributions at once. The ability to create different employee pools and transaction specifics will allow for ease-of-use, and an overall positive user-experience.

Of course, SHA token utility and a revenue model has been integrated into the platform and authentication methods of both use-requirements and calls have been placed. With these additions we are nearing our final integration, which will allow the live BETA testing and marketing efforts to begin with an estimated timeframe in Q1, 2020. As with all Safe Haven/SafeTech products, users should expect a detailed document library to assist in the adoption of ThorPay. You can find the temporary ThorPay website here. The website is near completion and will be finished in the coming days.

We look forward to showcasing ThorPay and believe it will fill gaps necessary to bridge traditional models and blockchain models. Please stay tuned for more updates and thank you for your support.

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