Discover Our Improved Node Reward System for Safe Node Holders - Safe Haven

Discover Our Improved Node Reward System for Safe Node Holders

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One of our Q1 2022 Roadmap items is an improved Node Reward System. The most important benefit in this system is receiving a share of the node rewards pool.

As the Safe Haven ecosystem grows, the node reward pool will also fill with utility fees from Inheriti® and SafeSwap. Additionally, we wanted to take another serious look at the existing reward structure and made some improvements.

Loyalty discount to setup your Inheriti® plan

In the current version, node holders received a reduction in subscription fees for Safe Haven products once their maturity period is completed.

Because of our strategic choice to go cross-chain and develop our atomic bridge SafeSwap as a priority, it will take more time to develop our subscription fee model (i.e., a monthly subscription fee for an Inheriti® plan). We want to make reaching the maturity period more rewarding.

What’s new?

In the new reward system, we offer loyalty discounts to setup Inheriti® plans. The discount will scale up depending on which node tier you hold, and will be automatically processed when you purchase an Inheriti® plan.

Currently, Comet wallet is the only supported wallet that can set up Inheriti® plans, but other wallets will be supported in future updates.

Free voucher to order Safe Haven merchandise

Another reward that is being adjusted is our famous Safe Haven Hoodie. The logistics of ordering and sending the hoodies takes a disproportionate amount of time that could be better served improving the project.

In addition, we believe we can do better by giving you the freedom to select which merchandise you want.

What’s new?

In the new reward system, we exchanged the hoodie for a free merchandise voucher that you can use in our Safe Haven webshop. To make this possible we set the voucher to a fixed value of $25, but it gives you a lot more freedom in selecting what you want, while enjoying faster delivery.

In the coming months, we intend to add new products to the Safe Haven merchandise shop so that there is more to choose from.

When you achieve the second tier (6 months) and activate the reward in the Safe Node mobile application, you will receive a form requesting to fill in your email address. The voucher will be sent to the submitted email address and is good for a single use in the Safe Haven merchandise shop.

Ambassador NFTs

Our node supporters are the giants that maintain stability in our token system and most have contributed significantly to the project in one form or another. We are sincerely grateful for their support and trust.

We knew that there needed to be a unique reward to show our appreciation.

What’s new?

As a symbol of our appreciation, we have added an ambassador NFT to all node’s second tier. This exclusive NFT is fully designed and ready for mint — static image with a soundtrack attached to metadata.

When your node reaches the second tier (6 months), you’ll receive an ambassador NFT. All existing node holders will also receive this NFT.

Transitioning to the newly improved rewards system

We realize that changes, even smaller ones like these, are sometimes unfortunate. You might have recently filled in a request for a hoodie or just set up an Inheriti® plan.  

In anticipation of the launch of the new Node Reward System, all orders for hoodies will already be replaced by a voucher. The voucher cannot be used for the shipping costs, so you will receive a slightly higher voucher to help cover these costs. The issuance of the voucher almost coincides with an expansion of the merchandise with an Inheriti® collection

If you have recently set up an Inheriti® plan, we hope for your understanding. The comfort we can provide is that you can create your next Inheriti® plan at a discount.

We will need time to make the necessary changes and to prepare for a smooth transition, especially with so much of our attention going towards the release of SafeSwap, Inheriti® partnerships, and the ongoing development of our other products, like Inheriti® Mobile and Negotium Network.

We hope to have the new reward system up and running in the coming weeks.

As always, we want to share our appreciation for your loyalty, patience, and support. We have come this far and are proud of the path we have traveled and the products we have developed. We hope to continue traveling along with you and enjoying all the great things ahead. 

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