Flash Development Update [2022/01] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2022/01]

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Business Development Update

  • To strengthen our social presence and prepare for global marketing efforts in 2022, the foundation has staffed a Communication Department that will aid and assist in facilitating outward facing marketing material. Titles and roles  will be defined in an official Medium release, soon.
  • The VeChain Foundation welcomed Safe Haven during the most recent ‘Thorsday’ to outline achievements of 2021 and development goals of 2022. Thorsday is a weekly audio event, hosted on VeChain’s Official Discord Channel, showcasing projects building on the VeChain blockchain.

Special thanks to VetMaik, TheVirtualFlame, Not_So_Fungible, and Murtagh300 for hosting and recording this session: https://vechainvefam.com/vechain-thors-day-january-6-2022

Technical Development Update

  • Discussions pertaining to Inheriti reach new depths with Mad Viking Games and steps of integration are being further developed.

Community Engagement Update

  • Tyler has made arrangements with a very popular VNFT music artist to incorporate music NFTs for the community. There are two song NFTs in development with one of them being the Ambassador NFT for node holders!
  • An official medium will be released to define the NFT launch.
  • Virtual Flame hosted a special AMA pertaining to SHA and MVG for the Vechain Community last Monday. Tyler gave insight towards goals of VNFT partnerships, Inheriti integrations, and SafeSwap initiatives for crosschain capabilities. You can listen to a recording at the bottom of this page.
  • Daniel Donoso Rasmussen joined Tyler Doussan for an AMA that focused on the recent partnership between Safe Haven and Mad Viking Games. Many questions were asked about the overall direction of MVG’s gaming development roadmap; Daniel stressed that decentralized inheritance is a much needed requirement for gaming platforms to outlive their users!
  • The fixed staking program has been extended for an additional 12 months; the first fixed staking month of 2022 has officially closed and next pools open on February 1st at 4pm UTC.
  • On January 15th, Not_So_Fungible will be interviewing Tyler to discuss many Safe Haven related matters and the session will be posted on his YouTube channel.
  • More VNFT and SHA giveaway competitions are in development 👀🎁

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