Flash Development Update [2022/03] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2022/03]

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Business Development Update

  • We are extremely proud to add new team members to our Communications Department. This move gives us great confidence that we can strengthen transparency and consistency of our messaging, and further instill trust in the SHA brand. Dive into our recent article to better understand this expansion.
  • Paperwork is being finalized for additional Inheriti integration partnerships.

Technical Development Update

  • The audit of SafeSwap is still scheduled for February 8th — no new dates have become available yet.
  • New SafeKey devices and boxes have arrived! We have already begun packaging them for scheduled delivery.

Community Engagement Update

  • The NFT soundtrack collaboration will be posted on the World of V (WoV) marketplace at 2pm CST and the sale will be linked to the official VeSongs profile.
  • Minting costs 500 VET, for first 90 mints, then the equivalent of 1,000 VET to be paid in SHA via OTC for the final 10 editions.
  • Remember, three random minters will be airdropped 10k SHA for creating a decentralized inheritance plan via Inheriti!
  • Link to mint at 2pm CST: https://marketplace.worldofv.art/token/69600600100000
  • The collaboration with a VNFT project, mentioned in last week’s update, to include SHA token airdrops for those who mint Safe Haven related NFTs is launching on Monday; minting the Safe Haven themed NFTs will be very rare and more information will follow in a medium article over the weekend.
  • At 4pm CST on Saturday, Tyler will join BlackVeMarket in their community Twitter space to discuss the partnership with Safe Haven and plans for collaboration in the future.

  • The interview recording between Not_So_Fungible and Tyler has been posted on Not_So_Fungible’s YouTube channel:

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