Flash Development Update [2022/04] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2022/04]

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Technical Development Update

  • The audit of SafeSwap is still scheduled for February 8th — no earlier time slots have become available yet.

Community Engagement Update

  • The NFT soundtrack collaboration is almost sold out; only 3 editions available on the Market, at 500 VET each, and 10 held in reserve to be bought with SHA at the equivalent of 1k VET! https://marketplace.worldofv.art/token/69600600100064
  • A new NFT collaboration has been made between Guardians NFT and Safe Haven! Only 20 of the 3k NFTs will have the Safe Haven Shield attribute — one of the twenty lucky minters will be airdropped 15k SHA to establish an inheritance plan at no cost.

  • Don’t forget about the upcoming collaboration with UniVerse NFT; we are airdropping 10k SHA to three random minters, so that they can establish a decentralized inheritance plan with Inheriti at no cost:

  • Help Tyler decide which time Twitter Space will go live on February 3rd:

  • As you all notice, Safe Haven is very successful in creating partnerships with NFT projects. In the next couple of weeks, a written interview with Tyler will elaborate on the (future) value of NFT’s in crypto and society — including why it is valuable for Safe Haven to join this development and be a front runner.
  • Tyler has started a weekly #NFTinheritance Campaign to induce the creation of plans protecting NFTs via Inheriti. Help congratulate Cobarrino on being the very first winner 🎊

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