Flash Development Update [2022/05] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2022/05]

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Business Development Update

  • Several new pages have been added to the Safehaven.io website. Viewers now have a brief overview of the team and founders, and access a plethora of news/media about Safe Haven and our solutions.
  • Due to the close proximity of SafeSwap’s release, the foundation has chosen to swing marketing funds from the CoinMarketCap/CoinGecko banner marketing campaign [roadmap item], into heavier marketing for the release of SafeSwap. The goal here is to bring awareness to multiple communities in efforts to sway towards blockchain agnostic approaches, while leveraging the advantages as a business-to-business solution.
  • Recently dropped was our look back at 2021 and some of the accomplishments we achieved:

Technical Development Update

  • Sync2 integration in SafeSwap is complete.
  • An advanced dashboard has been added to the SafeSwap platform and progress is being made on this deliverable.
  • Red4Sec’s audit of SafeSwap begins next week, February 8th. We will continue to keep the community updated on this item.

Community Engagement Update

  • Tyler has collaborated with Annkan -a prominent artist from the XRPL community- in creating a storybook video NFT on the Vechain blockchain. The main characters use SafeKeys/Inheriti to unlock ancestral data that has been lost. The NFT collection will launch on February 23rd, at 6pm CET, via curated drop on the World of V marketplace.
  • *Annkan has her own utility and governance token that is utilized for obtaining special NFT drops from the Yonian art community; Inheriti will be integrated to her platform to enable the XRPL community to establish DeFi inheritance plans.
  • The NFTs of UniVerse sold out in under 2min and 10k SHA tokens were rewarded to the three random minters — now they can protect their newly minted NFTs with a decentralized inheritance plan:

  • GuardiansNFT minted out in under an hour and one random minter was rewarded 15k SHA; the winner will be able to protect their NFTs with Inheriti at no cost:

  • All 999 RatVerse NFTs were minted under 24hrs, at a rate of 42.8 NFTs per hour, and we are awaiting the results of which three addresses will obtain 10k $SHA; join RatVerse in their Twitter Space today at 3pm CST:

  • Tyler has donated 8 NFTs for this week’s NFTinheritance Campaign, roughly a value of 2k VET, to induce the creation of plans protecting NFTs via Inheriti. To win all 8 NFTs, and obtain 15k SHA follow:

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