Flash Development Update [2022/07] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2022/07]

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Business Development Update

  • We recently received word from the U.S. Patent Office that 34 claims within our patent filing were allowed! More on this at our website:

We Have Been Awarded A U.S. Patent To Protect Our Solutions!

Technical Development Update

  • While SafeSwap code is still under review by Red4Sec, we continue to polish the dashboard to improve user-experience.

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Community Engagement Update

  • The collaboration between Yoniverse’s founder, Annkan, and the Safe Haven organization goes live on February 23rd at 6pm CET via World of V. This is the first StoryBook NFT to be minted on the Vechain blockchain, which is also the first story book that displays Inheriti protocols being utilized to recover lost data.
  • This collaboration with Annkan also includes a partnership with Safe Haven, to integrate Inheriti within her platform, so that all Yoniverse XRPL community members can establish decentralized methods of transferring data to next of kin.
  • Annkan is generously taking 5% of raised VET, from the storybook sale, and utilizing it to market-buy SHA, which will then be sent to the utility reward pool for nodes to share; Annkan is a node holder and wants to support our community throughout the continuation of our collaboration and partnership!
    • Full price-breakdown of video:
      NFT Editions
      – 1 through 3 = 1,750 VET
      – 4 through 9 = 2,250 VET
      – 10 through 17 = 2,500 VET
      – 18 through 29 = 2,750 VET
      – 30 through 50 = 3,000 VET
    • Full price-breakdown of pages:
      NFT Editions
      – 1 through 3 = 250 VET
      – 4 through 9 = 325 VET
      – 10 through 24 = 450 VET
      – 25 through 50 = 625 VET
      – 51 through 100 = 750 VET
  • An article to define the terms of partnership will launch early next week, but you can find additional information and help share the news of event by navigating to Twitter:

  • Additionally, Safe Haven has started developing an official NFT collection with metaverse plans included; more information on who we partnered with to make this possible will be released in the following weeks/quarters through multiple announcements.
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