Flash Development Update [2023/36] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2023/36]

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Recent delays in the SEC’s approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF have prompted many investors to take a cautious approach towards the crypto industry, awaiting further developments.

High expectations for approval, bolstered by endorsements and applications from industry giants like BlackRock and Fidelity, were met with disappointment as the SEC continued to postpone its decision, citing concerns about safeguards against manipulation.

However, amidst these delays and uncertainties, one thing is clear: major corporations and enterprises are rapidly converging into the cryptocurrency realm.

The inevitability of crypto and blockchain technology becoming mainstream is on the horizon, with enterprise adoption poised for significant growth. This transformative shift carries both challenges and opportunities for crypto enthusiasts and investors.

At Safe Haven, we recognize the need for security, innovation and accessibility in this evolving landscape.

As we explore the latest developments within our ecosystem, we remain committed to safeguarding your digital assets, ensuring their inheritability and preparing you for a blockchain-powered / multichain future.

Let’s dive into what happened this week! 👇

vechain.network Nodes Upgraded

At SafeTech, we maintain unwavering commitment to security and technology excellence, so we’re very pleased to announce the successful upgrade of all public vechain.network (test and mainnet clusters) to the latest Thor version 2.1.0-2b5853f8-release.

This upgrade includes two valuable new API endpoints that enhance the functionality of our nodes, offering robust support to developers and the blockchain community.

Our vechain.network public node cluster infrastructure provides a redundant, load-balanced, and robust infrastructure for all your dApp needs. It processes over 500,000 API requests a day, showcasing its reliability and capacity.

We take pride in maintaining excellence within our Vechain network project, and this upgrade is just one example of our unwavering dedication to providing top-tier solutions for vechain and the cryptocurrency industry in general.

Live stats:

Staking Program September

The loading period for September’s staking program has come to a close, and staking is now in full swing for the rest of the month.

Here are the latest staking insights:

  • Connect Pool APR Boost: The Connect Pool has reached a 50% participation rate, and as a reward, it’s receiving a 0.5% APR boost.
  • Harbor, Consensus & Legacy Pools: The Legacy Pool has emerged as a standout performer this time, increasing its participation rate with over 20% and it’s now nearly 100% filled. The same level of engagement is also reflected in our Consensus and Harbor node pools which are both close to or at 100% as well.
  • Node Numbers: Currently, there are a total of 929 SafeNodes within our ecosystem. However, it’s important to note that out of these, only 520 are actively staking. If you’re holding a node and haven’t staked yet, try to jump in next month and start earning rewards.

Current stats showcase the commitment of our community members to actively participate and support our ecosystem.

Our staking program isn’t just about earning rewards, but it’s about actively contributing to the growth and security of the Safe Haven ecosystem.

By participating, you become an integral part of our mission to provide secure and decentralized solutions for digital asset management.

If you haven’t staked your $SHA yet, don’t miss out on the next loading periode (October 1 – 5).

SafeSwap integration in Mises browser

SafeSwap has now been integrated into Mises Browser, the world’s first mobile Web3 browser designed for speed, security and user convenience.

Mises Browser has undergone rigorous testing on hundreds of dApp websites to ensure that users receive a comprehensive Web3 experience. It features over 700 mainstream Web3 websites, categorized for easy navigation on mobile devices.

SafeSwap has found its place in Mises Browser’s Bridges section. This means that users of Mises Browser now have convenient access to SafeSwap, our atomic swapping protocol that empowers secure native token transfers across multiple EVM-based blockchains.

This integration not only enhances the accessibility and visibility of SafeSwap, but also reinforces our commitment to making decentralized finance more accessible and user-friendly.

Whether you’re a seasoned crypto enthusiast or just stepping into the world of Web3, SafeSwap in Mises Browser brings you one step closer to seamless cross-chain token swaps.

Vechain’s Web3 for Sustainability Masterclass

Our commitment to staying at the forefront of the blockchain industry often takes us to exciting events and opportunities for networking and learning. Recently, we had the privilege of attending vechain’s ‘Web3 for Sustainability Masterclass’ in the vibrant city of Paris.

One of the highlights of this event was the opportunity to interact with vechain’s esteemed technical team.

It was an invaluable experience to engage in discussions, gain insights, and explore the possibilities that the vechain ecosystem and its tools offer.

During the masterclass, we had the privilege of presenting our mission, vision and approach to shaping the future of Web3. Our team passionately shared our commitment to enhancing the security and accessibility of digital assets, with a focus on digital inheritance and decentralized data backups.

Beyond the presentations, the masterclass allowed us to gain deeper insights into the vechain community’s plans and development updates. We listened to pitches from community members, learning about their exciting projects and contributions to the ecosystem.

The event took place at the ‘TOO Hotel’, a place dedicated to providing simple yet extraordinary pleasures. Located at a height that makes you feel like Paris is entirely yours, it served as the perfect backdrop for meaningful discussions and connections.

Following the masterclass, some fortunate attendees won tickets through a raffle to attend the UFC Fight Night event. Meanwhile, the rest of our team gathered for a lively UFC watch party at Belushi’s Bar on Canal, where we cherished moments of camaraderie and shared experiences.

Events like these not only broaden our horizons but also strengthen our commitment to the blockchain industry’s growth and innovation.

We’re excited about the future and the endless possibilities that Web3 holds, and we’re dedicated to playing our part in shaping it.

Diving Deeper into SafeSwap’s Cross-Chain Atomic Swapping Protocol for Native Tokens

SafeSwap, our revolutionary cross-chain atomic swapping protocol for native tokens, is redefining how tokens move between blockchains.

It eliminates the need for third-party liquidity providers and wrapped tokens, offering a more secure and efficient way to transfer tokens across chains.

Last week, we delved into the fascinating world of SafeSwap’s cross-chain atomic swapping protocol. We explored its core features and highlighted how it’s simplifying the process of moving assets between different blockchains while maintaining top-tier security.

To continue your journey of discovery and gain a deeper understanding of SafeSwap, check out these insightful pieces we published:

As you dive into these posts above, you’ll gain valuable insights into SafeSwap’s inner workings and its mission to transform the world of cross-chain token swaps.

Embrace the multichain future of cryptocurrency with SafeSwap!

Builder? Take Your Project Cross-Chain!

Thanks to SafeSwap, developers can now create applications that seamlessly interact with multiple blockchains, instead of limiting themselves to only one.

Every additional blockchain added to SafeSwap is just a new wave of opportunities:

  • Expand your user base
  • Elevate your token utility
  • Streamline your development
  • Foster innovation and creativity
  • Improve your project’s visibility and recognition
  • Create long-term sustainability
  • Grow your ecosystem
  • Reduce development and operational costs
  • Create future-proof multichain applications

By leveraging atomic swaps, SafeSwap enables token transfers between a user’s wallets across different blockchains, without needing third-party liquidity or middlemen.

Unlike other solutions that involve user liquidity and wrapped tokens, SafeSwap uses native assets only, eliminating risks like:

  • smart contract vulnerabilities
  • token supply manipulation
  • and unauthorized trading of wrapped assets

By providing audited token pool contracts that efficiently handle token locks and unlocks across different chains, SafeSwap keeps your token supply in sync.

Project owners can easily deploy native token contracts on multiple blockchains and mint tokens to put them in a Locked Liquidity Pool.

With this secure and controlled approach, tokenomics are preserved while increasing token utility, growing the user base, and accessing opportunities across different chains and communities.

Sign up for a SafeSwap listing or whitelabel integration and start building future-proof multichain applications today: safeswap.io/listing

Earn Rewards by Promoting SafeSwap to Developers!

If you are passionate about SafeSwap and want to make a difference, this is your chance to get involved and earn attractive rewards!

Our SafeSwap Commission Program is designed to reward community members for their knowledge and effort in helping us identify new projects to be listed on SafeSwap.

To participate, simply visit this page https://safeswap.io/commission/ and reach out to us with a project that wants to go cross-chain.

Please be aware that it’s important that their native token is deployed on one of the connected blockchains.

If you are the first person to bring a project to our attention that leads to a paid listing, you will receive a commission of $300!

Join our Commission Program now and earn: https://safeswap.io/commission



In this latest update, we shared the progress of our mission and solutions in the cryptocurrency industry. Our commitment to security and technology shines through in the successful upgrade of the vechain.network nodes, supporting developers and the wider blockchain community.

The September staking program is also a success, thanks to our dedicated community. We invite all $SHA token holders to join us in the next staking program in October.

SafeSwap, our innovative cross-chain atomic swapping protocol, simplifies token movements between blockchains without third-party intermediaries.

We encourage builders and developers to explore its potential.

After all, Safe Haven remains your trusted partner, safeguarding your digital assets and ensuring their seamless inheritability.

Together, we embrace opportunities and challenges to secure your financial legacy!

Enjoy your weekend SHAman! 🔮🧙‍♂️

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