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Inheriti Article Challenge

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If you ask ten people why digital inheritance is important, you might get ten different answers. For some, it is personal. Maybe they have had first-hand experience or know someone who had to deal with complex digital legalities after a loved one passed away. Others may look at it from a business perspective, wanting to make sure their employees’ families are protected in the event of an illness or accident. Whatever your individual belief is, we can all agree there has not been a concrete solution… until now.

Inheriti, Safe Haven’s inheritance platform will allow individuals to manage, protect, and distribute assets with any amount of stakeholders by dividing seeds, passwords, documents, and/or any other digital assets. This is a big deal, and something the team has been working tirelessly on for quite some time. With Inheriti’s beta testing release in sight (more on what this will incorporate and include, at a later date), we are interested in some community viewpoints.

We would like to see ambitious members of the community write a Medium article on Inheriti for a chance to win a free SafeKey and a one year inheritance subscription on the platform!

To qualify, articles must:

  • Be created on Medium
  • Outline why you believe digital inheritance is important
  • You may consider…


Asset Management




  • Address how Inheriti may affect or be affected by any of the above considerations
  • Be posted on Twitter with:

Hashtags: #Inheriti & #SHA

Tagging one crypto news outlet that may be interested in learning about Inheriti

  • Be created and posted by midnight on December 25, 2019

After carefully reviewing each article, Safe Haven will make a selection and post the winner on our official Twitter and Telegram outlets on January 21, 2020. As always, thank you so much for your participation, and we look forward to reading all your great Inheriti articles!

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