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Inheriti Article Challenge

If you ask ten people why digital inheritance is important, you might get ten different answers. For some, it is personal. Maybe they have had first-hand experience or know someone who had to deal with complex digital legalities after a loved one passed away. Others may look at it from a business perspective, wanting to make sure their employees’ families are protected in the event of an illness or accident. Whatever your individual belief is, we can all agree there has not been a concrete solution… until now.

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Are You Ready? A Coded Message for the Safe Haven Community

Complete the following three steps to reveal a secret message from the SHA team.

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Inheriti Flash Animation Challenge

With the first version of Inheriti entering its final stages of the build, we thought it would be nice to create an opportunity for the community to add to the finishing touches. With that, we are excited to announce the Inheriti Flash Animation Challenge!

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The 12 Days of Safe Haven

Safe Haven has been hard at work. Another year is coming to a close and that means holidays around the world are being celebrated. This year, we wanted to do something extremely exciting, a campaign we have dubbed: The 12 Days of Safe Haven.

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Safe Haven announces PoR: Proof of Read Concept & Competition!

Safe Haven announces PoR (Proof of Read): Our dedication to your knowledge and understanding of the Safe Haven model!

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