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Inheriti BETA Release

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We have finally reached a point where we feel confident in releasing the Inheriti BETA. All necessary pieces are in place to begin the rollout. In its current state, Inheriti is focused on security and the overall use of the platform. In the coming months, it will receive a visual overhaul to make the platform more marketable. SafeID has been successfully integrated, along with the functionality of SafeKey (more on this below). To begin the process of waking this platform, we believe it is best to release Inheriti in phases.

The efforts moving forward will be our slow-release Inheriti BETA and the process will be provided in steps over a small period of time. We have decided on this approach, as it will allow for full community participation, large scale testing, evaluation, re-integration, and review. Inheriti must successfully communicate with several different products within the SafeTech family and to best test any/all variables, we believe this time is necessary. The community’s involvement over a small time-frame will produce better results and allow technical issues (should they arise) to orderly become fixed issues.

The current time of year has also been taken into consideration in how we would rollout the Inheriti BETA. We do want all members of the Safe Haven team to be ready to act as necessary and be focused on quickly addressing any issues that may arise. This includes our moderation team, as they are ‘boots on ground’ and will likely be fielding several concerns. It also takes into consideration those within the community that would like to dedicate some time to evaluating the platform.

Step 1 — Verification and Firmware Update

BETA will only be available to those with a SafeKey that includes the Secure Sharing Distribution Protocol (SSDP). We will verify those members of the community by their submission of the Inheriti BETA Verification Form.

Upon submission, user’s information will be bounced against our SafeKey order database. Once confirmed, the user will be invited into an Inheriti BETA Telegram. After users has been invited to the private Telegram, Safe Haven will release the SafeKey’s Firmware Desktop Application. The firmware update is needed to cope with custom storage issues on Chromium based web-browsers.

Important Note* Users must ensure their telegram settings allow for Safe Haven to add you into a group. No links will be presented for invitation and users will be added without notice.

This step will occur on January 1, 2020.

Step 2 — Documentation Introduction

Those who have obtained SafeKey [w/ SSDP] are going to be crucial in providing quality feedback and we believe their assistance to the community will be invaluable, in the months moving forward. This in mind, the Inheriti document library will then be released to members who have been verified through Step 1. We want to have as many eyes as possible on the guides to ensure they are manageable and reviewed for coherency. If there is a complexity issue within the documents/guides [readability], we want to simplify it early even before live testing begins.

This step will occur on January 8, 2020.

Step 3 — Inheriti Entry

The BETA will be made live to those who can participate and testing will begin.

The testing of Inheriti BETA will include live penetration testing conducted by third-parties. Safe Haven will be establishing test wallets to allow for auditing. During this time, it is recommended that members involved in the BETA testing not integrate wallets that are “true” or “asset filled”.

Users must have access to a Comet wallet to participate in any actions within Inheriti’s Community Edition. New wallet solutions will be brought forth at a later date to better provide to specific needs of the user-base.

During this phase, we will keep continuous contact with those in the Inheriti BETA Telegram. As they move throughout the platform, any concerns will be logged for action. Each action will be coded by the team to prioritize the most crucial concerns before those that have little impact on the user-experience.

This step will occur on January 15, 2020.

There is no hardline set for when the BETA testing phase will end. Third-party audits need to be completed and we have no expected timeline for such, at the moment. We will continue to communicate with the community on the progress of pen-tests and give regular updates throughout the BETA phase.

Finally, we understand and are aware that Inheriti is likely the most highly-anticipated solution within our product-line. We further acknowledge the undertaking was extensive, not unreachable by any means, but required resources that were withheld at points to strategically to maintain a sufficient marketing budget and runway. The community’s patience and continued loyalty does not go unnoticed.

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