Inheriti Flash Animation Challenge - Safe Haven

Inheriti Flash Animation Challenge

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With the first version of Inheriti entering its final stages of the build, we thought it would be nice to create an opportunity for the community to add to the finishing touches. With that, we are excited to announce the Inheriti Flash Animation Challenge!

What we need:

  • An Inheriti logo animation (gif or svg) that we’ll use as our loader/spinner on the platform
  • To create the spinning wheel, participants can:
  1. Ask an admin in our official Telegam channel for the original Inheriti logo
  2. Use the logo below
  3. Use a different logo of their choice

Github Link Inheriti Logo:


  • Animations must be in the form of a gif or svg
  • Animations must be submitted to one of our admins on our official Telegram channel
  • Animations must be badass
  • Multiple submissions are allowed

When we need it:

Submission deadline is Sunday, June 14th

What’s in it for you?:

  • A chance to add your stamp on the first version of Inheriti
  • A chance to win 100K free SHA

Upon completion of the challenge, the Safe Haven team will choose the spinning wheel submission that will be added to Inheriti and the winner will receive his or her reward.

As always, thanks for your participation and good luck!

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