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New SafeSwap Listing: Legacy Network ($LGCT)

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We are happy to introduce the latest addition to the SafeSwap platform: Legacy Network ($LGCT). This Swiss-Liechtenstein technology company is dedicated to improving the mental clarity, awareness, and overall well-being of its users through a gamified, interactive learning experience.

By listing $LGCT on SafeSwap, Legacy Network users will be able to access the $LGCT token across multiple blockchains, including VeChain, Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain and Polygon.

The seamless transfer of tokens through SafeSwap ensures a consistent tokenomics experience for all users, making $LGCT more accessible and increasing its utility.

What is Legacy Network?

Legacy is a technology company based between Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Their aim is to challenge users, through an interactive game-based journey, and enhance their mental clarity, awareness & overall well-being.

Through their structured & gamified app, users collect rewards in form of $LGCT tokens as they successfully progress along their journey.

Using their proprietary AI technology, they are able to guide users and optimize their learning path. Their mission is to elevate users and help them reach their full potential.

Legacy is building a platform that anyone can tap into to gain life changing skills in leadership, discipline, self-awareness and much more. This will support them throughout their personal development journey.

By combining educational content, knowledge-based games, social learning systems and challenges, they keep users engaged as they become active participants in shaping their personality.

What Can You Use $LGCT Token For?

The Legacy Network Token ($LGCT) is a multichain utility and payment token.

Its purpose is to encourage users to use the Legacy Network ecosystem and actively contribute to its growth.

  • Play to earn: Distribution of reward chests for reaching a new level. Chests can include $LGCT tokens, collectibles and other items.
  • Staking: through their non-custodial wallet to get access to additional benefits.
  • Rewards: Distribution of tokens to users who perform a service within the ecosystem.
  • Payment: of various in-app purchases (digital content) with $LGCT tokens.

SafeSwap is Listing $LGCT

SafeSwap is proud to list Legacy Network’s token, $LGCT, across multiple blockchains. Legacy Network seeks to reach a wider audience by utilizing the strengths of each blockchain, from VeChain to Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, and beyond.

With the help of SafeSwap’s atomic swapping protocol, the circulation supply of $LGCT remains balanced, ensuring the tokenomics remain consistent across different blockchains. This allows for seamless token transfer between the various blockchains through SafeSwap.

By listing $LGCT on SafeSwap, users can easily swap the token between its native VeChain chain and other EVM blockchains, increasing the token’s accessibility and utility.

Benefits For $SHA

The listing of Legacy Network’s token, $LGCT, on SafeSwap brings benefits to $SHA and the Safe Haven community as well. With increased volume and swaps, there are more opportunities for users to exchange tokens and grow their portfolios and web3 experiences.

Additionally, the rise in SafeSwap activity results in more platform fees being distributed among the community, providing more value to $SHA holders.

The increased utility of $SHA is a testament to the growing strength of the Safe Haven ecosystem and its commitment to delivering value to its community.

More about Legacy Network

“After careful consideration, Legacy Network decided to partner with SafeSwap to bridge the $LGCT token across different blockchains. SafeSwap was chosen because of the quality of its service, the reliability of their platform, and the calibre of their team, which are the best in this segment. We believe that partnering with SafeSwap will bring our users a flawless & simple experience, which will support the growth of our token.”Fabio Martinetti, Founder & CEO of Legacy Network.

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