OneTreePlanted and Safe Haven Announce Raise for the Amazon on ThorBlock: a Decentralized Platform Developed by Blockchain and FinTech Company Safe Haven - Safe Haven

OneTreePlanted and Safe Haven Announce Raise for the Amazon on ThorBlock: a Decentralized Platform Developed by Blockchain and FinTech Company Safe Haven

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We recently shared an internal discussion with LiveTheLifeTV about ThorBlock Charity. With that conversation, arose a sidebar regarding the current situation in Brazil. If you are connected to the internet or watch television news there is no way you could have avoid the images of the Amazon rainforest as it burns.

Already in brainstorming, we started to research the importance of this ecosystem globally. Here are some of the facts regarding the Amazon:

  • 20% of the world’s fresh water runs through the Amazon River
  • Over 2,500 species [fish, river dolphins, micro-organisms, insects] live throughout the waterways of the river
  • Thousands of plants and trees, several of which have medicinal properties and/or provide food, come from the ecosystem
  • The Amazon is home to several endangered species
  • The Amazon (relatively speaking) provides a healthy amount of Earth’s oxygen and is being destroyed by development and deforestation

Note: the development process of the land contributes to global carbon emissions — as fires rage on, it further contributes to global warming

The most disappointing aspect of the fires torching the rainforest: many were intentionally started.

According to researchers, these fires are common practice for clearing the land. Cattle ranchers and loggers use fire as an inexpensive method to develop large plots of property. Can you see the irony? Why would we further destroy one of the most diverse ecosystems the planet has to combat [scientifically proven] global warming.

While there is no way to know the exactitude of the long-term damage the Amazon will face, according to several sources, this event could cause forest dieback, which is a condition that occurs when trees/woodlands are killed off by pathogens or parasites. This can originate from pollution [acid rain, etc…] within a geographic location, that affects an otherwise healthy ecosystem. The pollution in this scenario [Amazon] could be caused by the intentionally sparked fires. Thus, not only the smoldering land may be affected, but the land that the fires do not reach.

So what can we do?

We can donate.

We can donate to an organization that is equipped to revitalize areas within South America from fires, logging, and cattle ranchers. That is why we have partnered with OneTreePlanted, an organization that for every dollar donated, successfully plants one tree.

About OneTreePlanted:

OneTreePlanted will ensure all charitable funds collected will contribute to the preservation of our planet for our generation and those to come.

Funding Requirements

Minimum contribution: 100 VET

ThorBlock address:

ETH address: 0x5EBDc75D70Bf762618B310e0247113Ed2EEEBdB5

BTC address: 173uycHo1LEtoKU48nDsapQVMBwmDuSdmh

  • All raised BTC and ETH will be transferred to VET and sent to the ThorBlock pool.
  • OneTreePlanted will confirm received funds and provide Safe Haven the “Tree Certificate”
  • 1 USD = 1 Tree

Pool is currently open and will close on October 31, 2019.

(We want full transparency and will share the transaction ID’s from the raised funds once OneTreePlanted receives the funds)

Fee Utilization

Required VTHO fees (gas), will be calculated by Safe Haven and matched to obtain public SHA. In coordination with our charity efforts, SHA obtained will be burned at a rate of 100%.

We would like to thank those who donate to this cause, in advance. Together we can breathe a better tomorrow.

As always, we also thank our community for your continued support.

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