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Safe Haven Adds Fundraising and Charity to ThorBlock in Upgraded Version

ThorBlock’s upgrade has been desired for quite some time and like the community, we have looked forward to its release. For a proper upgrade, we wanted to ensure the additions of SHA utility, Fundraising and Charity pools; a more user-friendly interface; the introduction of multiple wallet providers; and SafeID. All of these points have been met, integrated and tested, and we are proud to present ThorBlock v2.

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Safe Haven 2019: Current and Future Developments

The year is quickly coming to a close and Q4 is just weeks away. The community has requested a new roadmap to give insight into what can be expected prior to 2020. This roadmap covers the current and expected development for the rest of 2019. As with all Safe Haven roadmaps, there is no particular order and unforeseeable changes may occur.

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Safe Haven: Third Quarter Recap

Presenting Safe Haven Q3 Recap and year-end expectations. Quite a bit is being finished behind the scenes and every working-minute of the day is utilized to push out several products before the year ends. In September, 2019, we revealed the final roadmap for the remainder of the year [above] and we will touch on several aspects of that and beyond throughout this update.

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OneTreePlanted and Safe Haven Announce Raise for the Amazon on ThorBlock: a Decentralized Platform Developed by Blockchain and FinTech Company Safe Haven

We recently shared an internal discussion with LiveTheLifeTV about ThorBlock Charity. With that conversation, arose a sidebar regarding the current situation in Brazil. If you are connected to the internet or watch television news there is no way you could have avoid the images of the Amazon rainforest as it burns.

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