Safe Haven and MyWish announce a partnership that will make the digital inheritance market stronger. - Safe Haven

Safe Haven and MyWish announce a partnership that will make the digital inheritance market stronger.

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Safe Haven and MyWish are thrilled to announce a partnership that we believe will corner the digital inheritance landscape and mark the beginning of a collaborative innovation within our target-market. We feel that as two organizations that share a common interest in maintaining the safety and security of digital assets, we remain focused on ensuring exactly that. Both Safe Haven and MyWish will work closely to make digital inheritance stronger.

The first collaboration you can expect to see is MyWish focusing on the creation of contracts that will allow for other digital assets to become inheritable within the Safe Haven wallet like NEO and Bitcoin.

We are extremely excited to build alongside one another the most advanced, secure, and groundbreaking digital inheritance systems within our market. We remain dedicated to our contributors, who build their futures here and rely on us to secure them safely.

About MyWish

Using the MyWill platform, anyone can create a smart-contract using a template from the library and customize it for his own needs — no programming skills required. The service helps not only to create, test and deploy smart-contracts, but also checks the contracts on a regular basis to monitor account activity.

MyWill focuses on crypto funds management in specific life situations rather than implementing universal mechanics for all types of smart contracts. The first product on the platform is our ongoing contract LastWill — that we’ve been working on for the previous few months — the transfer of person’s savings to his family or friends in the event of his sudden illness or death. There are also a number of smart-contracts under development for other circumstances, such as loss of a private key, transfer of money on certain occasion (specific date, birthday, etc).

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About Safe Haven

Safe Haven gives SHA holders the opportunity to secure their digital assets, while maintaining the holder’s liquidity. Brought to life by Safe Haven’s Family Circle Share Distribution Key, Escrow Protocol, and the Trust Alliance Network, seeds/private keys/passphrases can be shared amongst stakeholders or family members in a transparent and secure manner. The protocol distributes the shares allowing the asset holder to keep power over his/her assets. Based on the holder’s goals (life scenario) or wishes (death scenario), a registered member of the Trust Alliance Platform (notary) can retrieve the remaining share on the blockchain to successfully distribute the contributor’s digital legacy to his/her family or stakeholders. More information is available on the Safe Haven website, as well as in the Safe Haven Telegram group.

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