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Safe Haven Announces Key Changes to the Organization Structure

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Safe Haven is excited to announce a number of key changes and improvements to our organization structure that will support our vision in becoming a household name across both blockchain and traditional markets for protecting, securing and facilitating the controlled transfer of private data, digital assets and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

A critical responsibility of any organization is the placement of qualified individuals into positions in which they can both thrive and deliver. Appointing the right people into the right positions — whilst ensuring they each have clear roles and responsibilities — results in greater effectiveness and streamlined work-flows.

We have therefore recently made some internal changes to our organizational structure, resulting in a better allocation of responsibilities and scope.

Jurgen Schouppe will remain at the helm as both Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Andy Demeulemeester also remains in his position of Chief Operations Officer (COO).

Beyond these two well-established positions, Safe Haven has created two additional C-Suite positions that allow for further forward progression, improvements in approval processes, and clear allocation of responsibilities and scope.

The new C-suite positions will be held by familiar faces — David Kerr and Thomas Ambrosia.

Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer

David Kerr — who was appointed as Safe Haven’s Executive Strategic Advisor earlier this year — will take on a new role as Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer (CSTO). The CSTO position will focus on areas of strategy development, organizational transformation, communication and product information, along with several other responsibilities. The goal of this position is to develop continuous improvements across a wide range of processes and functions. Relatively speaking, the CSTO will ensure we continue to improve the organization internally, while defining the outward facing message and strategically positioning us for widespread adoption and success.

Chief of Employee Operations and Growth

Thomas Ambrosia — currently Head of Operations and Growth — will step into the role of Chief of Employee Operations and Growth (COG). The COG has been established to focus on various areas including, partnerships, human resources, business development and will act as the primary interface between the Community Governance Model and Safe Haven management. With an opposite facing scope, the COG will primarily look to improve external relationships with third-parties and onboarding.

Head of Community Growth and NFT Partnership Development

Our currently held position of Head of Community Growth, will also receive an upgrade in terms of scope and responsibility. Tyler Doussan’s current role will therefore expand to include NFT business development under the new title Head of Community Growth and NFT Partnership Development. More specifically, this role will dive into the blockchain-world of E-gaming and sports NFTs. The primary goal of additional responsibilities will be to conduct outreach and begin to onboard potential partners within these niche markets.

Front-End Graphics Developer

Recently added Community Moderator, Ricardo Cortes dos Santos has also been appointed to fill an additional role with Safe Haven as a Front-End Graphics Developer. Well-aligned with his talents and attention to detail, Ricardo has continued to impress and has implemented a streamlined scrum-board aimed at maintaining tight time-lines, while maintaining high quality standards.

The new roles outlined above have been introduced over the past month-or-so, with each member of the team beginning to assume their respective duties. Our early findings are that we are already experiencing improved output, clearer organizational direction, and improved team cohesion. We anticipate that improved performance will continue, as each member settles into their new roles.

Why are we Making the Changes?

The new organizational structure will allow for the following in terms of ongoing role identification and onboarding.

  • With better defined roles and responsibilities, the team can easily identify areas that require a role to be filled.
  • The scope of each vacancy can easily be developed with respect to currently filled roles.
  • We can quickly provide potential candidates with their expected responsibilities in any particular role.
  • A structured skill requirement criteria will allow for placement of qualified individuals, capable of easily onboarding into their role.

What Does Future Expansion for Safe Haven Look Like?

We will continue to add new positions as our organization builds momentum and we are continuously on the lookout for qualified individuals to fill critical roles. We expect to add more mid-level management and forward-facing, boots on ground positions (e.g.: Telegram Moderators, Reddit Moderators, Facebook Moderators, etc…), in the short-term.

An expectation of all positions within Safe Haven is in-depth knowledge of both traditional fields and the non-traditional/blockchain world. Working within a decentralized, global team requires a high degree of independent work and self-motivation is a must.

  • Safe Haven values expertise, trust, partnership, equality, and growth.
  • We work with talented people and want to provide an environment that motivates, challenges, inspires and develops them.
  • We provide our people with opportunities to grow and use their talents to make a real impact.
  • We care deeply about our community and strive for open, honest, and transparent communication based on mutual respect.

We will continue to search for the right individuals who fit the needs of the organization.

We are committed to making Safe Haven a world-class organization, widely recognized across both the blockchain and traditional world. We are extremely excited at what the future will bring and are pleased to be able to bring our community along on the journey with us. We will continue to provide further updates regarding our ongoing evolution and development.

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support. Be sure to keep up with our official channels!

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