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Flash Development Update [2023/10]

📢 Last week at Safe Haven 👇 ✅ Back from The HiVe ✅ Development & Testing of Inheriti® Features ✅ Comet 2.0 Private Beta ✅ Built Different

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Flash Development Update [2022/47]

Take a look at some of the updates from this week: 🎙 Recorded #AMA with King Solomon 🎁 #BlackFriday & #CyberMonday 🗓 #Vechain Project Leaders Space, on November 29th, at 4pm CST 📱 Sneak peek image of the loading screen for #SafeKeyMobile

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Flash Development Update [2022/22]

Amongst many other meetings, Co-Founder/COO Andy and CPO Tyler joined a Top 10 cryptocurrency on a special podcast‼️ If you want to learn more about what our team has done this week, checkout our Flash Friday

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Preparing Ukiyoe Warriors Inheriti® Integration for their NFT Launch on February 28th

The partnership between Safe Haven and Ukiyoe Warriors began through a collaboration within the first NFT collection, announced on January 24th of 2022, which included an Inheriti® integration with their organization; all NFT holders of Ukiyoe Warriors will be able to establish a decentralized inheritance plan, via referral link, and opt to donate 5% of their service fee to UW’s foundation wallet. 

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Safe Haven Partners with Yoniverse, an XRPL Entity, to Bolster the Inheritance Protocols of their Platform and NFTs within the Community!

Safe Haven will provide Annkan a special link to integrate Inheriti with Yoniverse’s platform, displayed via button labeled ‘Create a Decentralized Inheritance Plan’

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Safe Haven Announces Key Changes to the Organization Structure

Safe Haven is excited to announce a number of key changes and improvements to our organization structure that will support our vision in becoming a household name across both blockchain and traditional markets for protecting, securing and facilitating the controlled transfer of private data, digital assets and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

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