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Safe Haven Digital Inheritance Platform Now Live for Community!

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Safe Haven, the digital inheritance provider, launched its decentralized data inheritance platform, Inheriti, on the VeChain mainnet. The launch of Inheriti is being touted as one of the most important releases in the crypto space. The Inheriti Community Edition (CE) that went live on the VeChain mainnet is designed to be simple. Furthermore, it is the truest form of decentralized data inheritance.

Furthermore, the Inheriti CE is the first proper digital asset management platform for crypto users. It brings the security of decentralization, along with cold and cloud storage, to digital inheritance. Unlike the complex nature of the assets it protects, Safe Haven Inheriti offers a very user-friendly interface.

Core of Inheriti

Inheriti promises to act as a bridge between the traditional and digital inheritance markets. At its core, Inheriti utilizes blockchain and SafeKey technology. Using these, it safely distributes encrypted pieces of inheritance information to cold-storage devices. The SafeKey holders need to come together, merge their pieces of inheritance information, and then can they decrypt the data.

Designed to provide a highly secure and flexible inheritance model for crypto assets, Inheriti also ensures that it stays compliant with local laws and regulations. The first public product, Inheriti CE, took several years to build. A great deal of testing and auditing was needed to make such a complex product work smoothly.

Future milestones

With the final framework in place, Safe Haven will soon roll out Standard and Business versions of Inheriti. Both products will have a different set of users.

Testnet reports

On September 4, Safe Haven launched Inheriti on the VeChain testnet for a set of beta testers. The feedback had been great as a user managed to merge his inheritance plan with eight beneficiaries who held two shares each. Thus, Inheriti was able to merge 16 shares in a fully decentralized way.

Audited smart contracts

After the beta test on the VeChain testnet, a reputed audit firm audited the Inheriti Smart Contract. The audit firm identified a major security vulnerability. However, the team quickly fixed the detected problem.

Post Inheriti CE launch, SHA token price reacted quickly, and in the last seven days, the token is up by over 45%.

Meanwhile, on the Altcoin Buzz YouTube channel, we got an opportunity to interview Safe Haven co-founder Logino Dujardin.

This article was originally posted by Altcoin Buzz

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