Safe Haven Expands by Appointing Panos Mekras as an XRPL Advisor and Inheriti® Representative! - Safe Haven

Safe Haven Expands by Appointing Panos Mekras as an XRPL Advisor and Inheriti® Representative!

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We are delighted to have Panos Mekras advise the foundation on implementing our blockchain solutions with entities pioneering XRPL applications.

In addition to increasing integration opportunities with projects building on XRPL, Panos will also help reduce the barriers of Inheriti® mass adoption by educating his audiences and influential networks with the necessary tools provided by Safe Haven.

About Panos Mekras

Predominately interested in the finance sector, Panos studied at the University of Macedonia to achieve his Accounting and Finance bachelor’s degree. In congruence with his bachelor’s degree at the University of Macedonia, Panos also studied at the University of Pennsylvania to become licensed/certified in FinTech foundations, payments, and regulations. After studying the foundations of finance and FinTech, Panos furthered his studies at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to obtain a certification in Python and Statistic Data for Financial Analysis.

Panos advises multiple companies and cryptocurrency projects, with a main focus on the XRP Ledger. Many of the projects he advises are partnered with Safe Haven to integrate decentralized inheritance protocols via the Inheriti® platform – bringing Panos Mekras onboard will enable our organization to provide services to XRPL communities at a swifter rate!

Roles and Affiliation within the Web3 Space:

DigitalGen Financial Services – Founder and CEO

During September of 2020, Panos founded DigitalGen Financial Services to start teaching crypto illiterate individuals about web3 technology – DigitalGen’s mission is to help the digital generation become both financially and crypto literate.

Services provided include financial and cryptocurrency consulting, coaching, and tax planning.

VerseX – Strategic Advisor

VerseX is a blockchain gaming project that enables play-to-earn and ecommerce utilization protocols for businesses, clients, and gamers within the metaverse – participants of the VerseX metaverse must utilize $XVR, $XMEN, and NFTs to advance within the ecosystem via owner rights and token upgrades.

Panos originally introduced our Chief Partnership Officer to VerseX, ultimately leading to an Inheriti® integration within their platform; you can see the integration implemented in the image below!

Read more about our partnership with VerseX.

xSPECTAR – Strategic Advisor and Tokenomics Advisor

Founded by seasoned experts across a range of industries, xSPECTAR’s diverse team specialize in real estate, law, finances, gambling, art, and internet technology – all whom share mutual interests in blockchain technology.

Their mission is to build the most innovative virtual economy by giving members an exclusive environment to meet, access business ventures in the metaverse, and the ability to monetize their membership through collaboration – $XSPECTAR is the utility token that can be transferred within the economy to obtain NFT assets and monetize other forms of membership.

To achieve the excellency desired by community members, xSPECTAR is building their metaverse with Unreal Engine 5 technology.

Dirk Schepens, Founder of xSPECTAR, hinted towards a partnership with an entity that provides decentralized inheritance solutions in a recent interview with James 🤔…


Also, there is a rumor going around the office that the Founders of Safe Haven are meeting with Dirk to hand him some SafeKey devices 👨‍💻🤝🛡!

BlockZero Labs – Core Member and Community Development Manager

BlockZero Labs provides methods for their community to earn crypto rewards by helping projects build, launch, and scale past the start-up phase; the $XIO utility token can be earned through staking, task, and NFT burning protocols.

To increase awareness for cryptocurrency partners within the BlockZero Labs network and improve the efficiency of marketing within the realms of Web3, an email newsletter service was incorporated to reward readers of promoted material with $HYPE tokens – the name of this sector is called HypeClub.

How does Panos advise BlockZero Labs?

  • Focusing on community and ecosystem growth.
  • Identifying gaps in BlockZero projects awareness and engagement.
  • Creating solutions and strategies to maximize community engagement.

Safe Haven is in discussions with BlockZero Labs to develop HypeClub newsletters that explain the decentralized inheritance protocols offered via Inheriti®, and the atomic swapping features offered via SafeSwap. More information about these partnership efforts will become available later this quarter.

Aesthetes – Strategic Advisor

Aesthetes provides an intrinsic connection between art and blockchain by incorporating phygital NFTs based on physical masterpieces; the first NFT Marketplace on the XRPL blockchain, based on physical artworks – imagine being shipped a physical item, such as a statue or painting, after purchasing the NFT on the Aesthetes marketplace.

The core team of Aesthetes contacts Panos for advisement on topics such as blockchain solutions, fundraising, product development, marketing strategy, user acquisition, and community growth.

Institutional Banking and Accounting Experience:

Citi Bank

  • Developed strategic rationales for acquisitions.
  • Performed discounted cash flow analysis.
  • Constructed portfolios that tracked indices, whilst keeping in mind the specific needs of the clients.

H2 Ventures

  • Helped in the valuation of start-ups.
  • Provided strategic support to portfolio companies.
  • Analyzed potential investments.

Assistant Accountant

  • Formulated financial information into appropriate software programs.
  • Assisted in the preparation of Income Tax returns.
  • Created numerous types of invoices.

I am a self-motivated and multi-skilled individual who is enthusiastic about finance, investing, technology and innovation. I have a BSc in Accounting and Finance and years of experience in the financial and cryptocurrency markets. As the founder of DigitalGen Financial Services, my main goal is to help people become both financially and crypto literate. We are heading towards a digital world and economy where both financial and crypto education will be important.


– Panos Mekras

Panos Featured Inheriti® within his Book!

All of Panos’ knowledge gathered while working within the Web3 space was compiled to provide a general understanding for the crypto illiterate – he has been collaborating with crypto entities since 2016.

This book is a comprehensive guide that will help you understand everything you need to know about the crypto economy. From what is money and how the banking system works to the technical information of how a blockchain network operates and how you can invest or use many different applications in the crypto world.


– Panos Mekras

To teach newcomers how to secure their private data and ensure inheritance or personal backup plans are established properly, Panos featured the only patented and truly decentralized platform available – the flagship product of Safe Haven, Inheriti®.

Below is an image of a page that defines Safe Haven’s flagship product within Panos’ book,  “Understanding the Crypto Economy: A Full Guide for Beginners about Blockchain, Crypto, Web3, DeFi, NFTs.”

Safe Haven Blockchain Advisors

As the Safe Haven product suite migrates to new blockchains, the foundation will seek advisors that contain and hone the networking skills required for product integrations to run smoothly – appointing blockchain advisors will enable services to be offered to new communities and businesses in an efficient manner.

The team of Safe Haven thanks Panos Mekras for his efforts put forth and are proud to welcome him as our first XRPL Blockchain Advisor!

Inheriti® Representative Program

To increase awareness for the Safe Haven product suite, we have begun an Inheriti Representative Program; this program enables representatives to leverage our services to protect their community!

All approved representatives will receive their own Inheriti® Referral Link and obtain 5% of the service fee associated with each plan made via link.

During this quarter, we will implement a simple submission form on our website for people to apply for Inheriti® Representative status – more information about the requirements to be a representative will be revealed when the submission form is revealed.

Look at how Panos integrated his Inheriti® Representative Referral Link!

If you would like to become an Inheriti® Representative, and do not feel like waiting until the submission form is uploaded to our website, then navigate to the Contact Page and send us an email with a compelling case of why you should gain representative status!

Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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