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Safe Haven: Forward Momentum Into the 2019 Quarter 3 Roadmap

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As we enter Q3, we wanted to elaborate on our roadmap. Some points within the track are self-explanatory, as others we felt required a bit of discussion. As always, there is no particular order to how the points have been placed and they are subject to change based on unforeseeable circumstances.

TAN Expansion & Integration of Automated Payment Method

TAN Expansion will continue through this quarter and quarters to come. We placed this item on the roadmap to emphasize the focus on integrating an automated payment method. The automated payment method will be employed to reward those who utilize the platform to verify documents and produce information that strengthen the platform as a whole.

Another automatic payment integration will be that of which will allow members to become “Gold Members”. These members will obtain special permissions within the platform.

Webshop: SafeKey

Due to the market placement of SafeKey, the product will have its very own webshop. This will be the public webshop where several versions of the hardware will be sold.

Launch Safe Haven Government

We are especially excited about this one…

Safe Haven Government will be launched within Q3. The Government will assist in awareness and outreach of Safe Haven solutions. They will also assist in bringing new ideas to the table.

Acceptance of Applications for Safe Haven Government

The Safe Haven Government will not simply be based on holding a Legacy Node. Government members will be selected based on their application and qualifications. We will be looking for a diverse group of holders that bring energy, ideas, and professionalism to Safe Haven.

Start Development of Congruity Platform

Originally a Q2 roadmap item, we will be looking to tackle this platform within Q3.

Start Development of Custody Services

Custody Services was also a Q2 roadmap item, that we will focus on likely towards the end of the Q3

Launch SafeID

SafeID is a crucial aspect to several solutions offered by Safe Haven. It is within this quarter with the introduction of new platforms and upgraded solutions, you can expect to see SafeID integration. SafeID will be a universal solution that will eventually be rolled out to all application Safe Haven products.

Integration of SafeID in ThorBlock, ThorPay, and SHIP

With a successful SafeID launch, ThorBlock, ThorPay, and SHIP will all be upgraded or initially delivered with this feature. SafeID will become a trademark safety protocol within the Safe Haven ecosystem.

As always, we want to emphasize our dedication to making Safe Haven a success. We value our community and the passion you bring to all public channels. Stay positive, keep making suggestions, and ask challenging questions. We respect all constructive feedback. Please stay tuned for future announcements.

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