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Safe Haven Foundation is Crypto Asset Management Technology Infrastructure Builder

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Safe Haven entered the market last December as a company focused on digital inheritance utilizing our worldwide protected Share Distribution (SD) Protocol technology. The SD Protocol enables our ability to encrypt and distribute shares amongst stakeholders and/or family members.

Moving to VeChain allowed Safe Haven to work with experienced and impactful advisors. After weeks of deep diving and redefining who we are, we have decided to reposition ourselves as “Crypto Asset Management Technology Infrastructure Builder”.

Safe Haven Foundation will become a Decentralized B2B2C Platform which supports companies and blockchain projects, aiding their expansion within their verticals. We will open our platform and tech solutions to the community, developers, entrepreneurs, inheritance and trust professionals, and existing financial services companies. By doing so, community members can utilize our protocol to create their own financial services and inheritance products to be offered to customers of their respective sphere of influence. As a result, the patented SD Protocol can be adopted globally by service providers ranging from SMEs to global enterprises and as an extension by their millions of own end users.

Our new organizational chart will look similar to the diagram below:

Safe Haven is a Crypto Asset Management Technology Infrastructure Builder created to promote and assist the community, enterprises, and other parties in creating crypto financial services and applications. We define ourselves as the following:

  • Crypto Asset Management and Control Authority: we build solutions for the management of digital assets. Solutions include wallets, masternode solutions, pooling services, and inheritance solutions. Within our solutions, we have integrated controlling mechanisms, which allow owners to maintain full authority over their assets, while safeguarding them from threats.
  • Crypto Financial Technology Engineers: we create Fintech solutions, such as the Shared Distribution (SD) Protocol. This technology allows us to encrypt and distribute digital asset shares between stakeholders/family members. We allow partnering organizations to utilize our engineered platforms to bolster their business model and product offerings.
  • Crypto Product Engineers: we develop custom products, such as Hardware Ledgers, with a focus on securing digital assets. With an emphasis on ease-of-use and owner-mobility, our products are designed for convenience and efficiency.

The Foundation holds the intellectual property rights to the tools and technology, which were developed by Safe Haven Tech LTD. The Foundation will assist in implementation of our crypto financial technology for enterprises to adopt so they can be involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The Foundation will work on mass adoption and focus on being the leader in Crypto Asset Management Technology solutions.

The Safe Haven Foundation will support the Safe Haven community by empowering community members to be either builders of financial services dapps using our SD protocol, business development professionals for our financial services products or users of our financial services applications. We believe our product is all-encompassing and the utilization of it will benefit the entire blockchain community.

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