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Safe Haven has been on the move!

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In a very short time our founding members attended and sponsored two major blockchain events. The first: Dubai’s Global Blockchain Summit, was held March 28th and 29th. This two-day summit included a gathering among blockchain organizations and enthusiasts, keynote sessions, presentations, and panel discussions. We had the privilege of speaking with several inquiring minds and presenting our project on a global stage.

Safe Haven founders in Dubai

Immediately following, the team flew across the Pacific and attended Silicon Valley’s Global Blockchain Forum in Santa Clara, California. Here, our founding members were joined by several team members. They enjoyed gaining insight from other innovators and experts within the blockchain and crypto-space. We had the honor of speaking to a crowd that included some of the biggest names within the community to include: Tim Draper, Venture Capitalist; Jones Reese, founder of Singularity University; and Michael Terpin.

Safe Haven US deligation in Silicon Valley

We wanted to take a moment to update the community on some of the more exciting developments that derived from our travels:

We enjoyed public exposure in Silicon Valley, which led to several business-to-client engagements

Promising conversations were held with over 20 capital investment firms out of several countries to include: China, United States and South Korea

Potential partnership talk for our Trust Alliance Network — some were of direct legal collaboration in direct support of our platform

We are pleased with our accomplishments throughout both conferences and look forward to nurturing the relationships that were established. As more progress stems from our travels abroad, we will be sure to update our community. For now, please keep a watchful eye to our mediums as any major developments regarding our project, partnerships, and progress will be shared with our community therein.

Thank you for being a part of our journey,

Safe Haven

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