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Safe Haven: June 2019 Development Update

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Phase 1:

SafeID platform is finished and operating in pre-production, and is extremely close to going live. SafeID will first handle all authentication on ThorBlock (v2) and SHIP, followed by the TAN and ThorPay. OpenID is an identity provider built on the OAuth2 protocol that provides a secure method for logging into many websites with a single username and password. The advantage of OpenID: provide our users a one-time registration of credentials to be used across all SafeHaven/SafeTech related sites/applications. We call this Single Sign-on or SSO.

Phase 2:

We are currently building phase 2, which includes the integration of Safekey for the 1FA and 2FA functionalities. In this phase, we also integrate a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant profiler system that will offer users an access point necessary to edit the personal data we hold.

All applications/platforms that will support SafeID will display the “Powered By” logo on the site.

Phase 3:

This phase will focus on the integration of our subscription platform. This platform will make it possible for non-crypto minded users to employ our solutions without the need to deal with cryptocurrencies, tokens, and/or wallets. All will be conducted within the backend through the utilization of our liquidity pools. The goal: encourage the mass-adoption of our products.


We finished our custom FIDO2/WebAuthn server and client libraries. These will be used by third-parties to integrate our SafeKey products for their hardware security. We have also added a docker package with a complete set of integration guidelines for third-parties. The guidelines will allow consumers to easily integrate our code libraries — which will be open source and made public soon.

We will not only market the hardware, but offer the hardware as a service (HaaS). A ‘wiki’ will be provided that will explain everything in detail including the firmware, software, and hardware. Further documentation will be provided that is specific to each product and how it interacts with SafeKey.

*Note* We expect the initial distribution of SafeKey to our pre-order base in August.

ThorBlock V2 Backbone

ThorBlock Version 2 (v2) release is around the corner. As we have stated prior, it will be used as the backbone behind ThorBlock Fundraising and Charity platforms, as well as the standard Pooling/funding platform. V2 upgrade makes the following possible:

  • Comet wallet integration
  • SafeID integration on authentication level
  • The development of ‘event listeners’ that analyze (similar to a block explorer) every VeChain block in order to retrieve all ThorBlock smart-contract related information allowing for:
  • Dashboard level presentation of all ThorBlock open pools
  • Releasing emails to those who have enabled to receive them [important to those who need them for tax declaration purposes, eg: contribution to a ThorBlock pool will automatically release email to the contributor the moment the transaction is valid]
  • Refactored the splitter contracts for the fee distribution
  • ThorBlock as it stands can only accept contributions to a pool in VET. V2 will allow for contributions to a pool with any VIP-180 token, including VTHO.

SHA utility will be introduced to ThorBlock in that specialized permissions will require a minimum amount of SHA held within a wallet. SHA will be needed in order to access the following features:

ThorBlock v3 is currently being planned. Something to look forward to will be the integration of vesting contracts; fully controllable and decentralized by ThorBlock.


We are currently in contact with highly qualified third-party security assessment companies in order to perform security assessments on our core product, SHIP. Due to the hardware delay in issuing SafeKey, we have capitalized on the layover in further ensuring that the security of SHIP is top-notch.

As always, we would like to thank our community for the continued support. Development updates will continue to be presented after every month and the community should always expect a transparent relay. Stay tuned!

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