Safe Haven Partners with VFox Alliance to Provide VFox Members with Decentralized Inheritance & Backups - Safe Haven

Safe Haven Partners with VFox Alliance to Provide VFox Members with Decentralized Inheritance & Backups

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VFox Alliance is fortifying security and recovery methods for their ecosystem, by partnering with Safe Haven and integrating Inheriti®, to ensure all NFTs within their current and future collections remain accessible via decentralized inheritance or personal backup protocols.

What is the Cost to Utilize Inheriti® Services and Why is it Important?

Users can create a lifetime decentralized personal backup and/or inheritance plan for the cost of 10k SHA tokens; without decentralized recovery protocols, all NFTs and cryptocurrency would become lost forever if owner of estate loses access to wallet storing said tokens – Inheriti® reduces the risk of losing utility tokens and NFTs within metaverses, or any other ecosystem utilizing digital assets to function, enabling investors to feel more confident about the survival of their investments.

How to set up a decentralized inheritance plan?

How To Setup A Decentralized Inheritance Plan?

Inheriti® Demonstration Video

Inheriti® Approved and Pending Patents:

🇺🇸 United States:

🇪🇺 Europe:

🇨🇳 China:

Who is VFox_Alliance NFTs

The VFox_Alliance project was founded by Nordes (Founder and Artistic Director) who curated a collection of 4,999 VFox NFTs; the whole collection dropped on March 6th, 2022 on VeSea and minted-out in 3.5 hours, with each mint costing 520 $VET for Whitelist minting and 700 $VET for public minting.

Secondary Sales Milestone

Within the first 10 days, VFox had crossed 700k $VET in secondary market sales.

Percentage of Minting Utility Donated for Charitable Cause

What’s even more unique about the project is VFox helps support a good cause; 10% of total minting income goes to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, to help protect 80 million people forced to flee their homes due to war, violence, and persecution.

With such a successful mint-out, VFox was able to raise 335,000 $VET for UNHCR!

Tribes of VFoxia

  • Plain VFox – The plain foxes make up 14.90% of VFoxia population. They farm vast land to feed the whole continent.
  • Desert VFox – The desert foxes make up 14.10% of VFoxia population. They live isolated in the middle of the desert and control sandstorms.
  • Mine VFox – The mine foxes are the 3rd biggest VFox tribe, making up 13.75% of the population. They work underground looking for precious stones and minerals.
  • Forest VFox – The forest foxes make up 12.40% of VFoxia population. They are tireless advocates for the protection of trees. But they were also the first victims of the undead.
  • Winter VFox – The winter foxes make up 10.15% of VFoxia population. They control VFoxia’s harbors and spend their time navigating the cold waters of the VeSea.
  • Bionic VFox – the bionic foxes are rare, only make up 9.50% of VFoxia population. They live on a high-tech platform on the VeSea and control magnetic waves.
  • Swamp VFox – are very rare, only make up 8.35% of the VFoxia population. They receive military training from an early age.
  • Gold VFox – are particularly rare, only make up 6.90% of VFoxia population. They are arrogant, but great politicians that care about stability and peace.
  • Lava VFox – are extremely rare, only make up 5.70% of VFoxia population. There is real magma running through their veins and they make the best weapons of VFoxia.
  • Ice VFox – are the second rarest, only makes up 4.25% of VFoxia population. Their ancient knowledge will be invaluable to the alliance.
  • Undead VFoxes – the rarest of all. They have appeared out of nowhere and threaten to destroy VFoxia. Wherever they go, white fog absorbs everything.

How Does This Partnership Benefit VFox Alliance and Safe Haven?

VFox Alliance strengthen the security and longevity of their ecosystem by ensuring the community and collectors can safeguard NFTs.

Safe Haven will provide VFox a special link to integrate Inheriti® with VFox’s platform, displayed via button labeled “Create a Decentralized Inheritance Plan”, and Safe Haven will reward the VFox team wallet with 5% of fees associated with plans when clients select VFox in the referral section.

This partnership will bring in VFox community members and enable VFox to ensure all clients of their platform have access to patented DeFi inheritance protocols.

Join the Community and Assist in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support. Be sure to keep up with our official channels!


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