Safe Haven Partners with Yoniverse, an XRPL Entity, to Bolster the Inheritance Protocols of their Platform and NFTs within the Community! - Safe Haven

Safe Haven Partners with Yoniverse, an XRPL Entity, to Bolster the Inheritance Protocols of their Platform and NFTs within the Community!

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Utility tokens and NFTs with specific token ID numbers are shaping the world around us, enabling many facets of development and accessibility to be facilitated in a decentralized manner on the blockchain. Value of the NFT industry will continue to increase and it is imperative to ensure that NFTs remain accessible, just as much as the coins and tokens of blockchain projects, which is why Safe Haven is the best candidate available to provide such services. As seen throughout the beginning of quarter 1 (2022), our organization has been partnering with numerous NFT entities to integrate Inheriti® with their platform to provide patented decentralized inheritance solutions; we will continue to integrate Inheriti® with other entities, inside and outside of the Vechain blockchain, along with providing other DeFi services within our product suite where applicable – SafeSwap, ThorBlock/BinBlock, ThorPay, FundRequest, etc.

Partnership with Yoniverse and Integration of Inheriti®

Safe Haven will provide Annkan a special link to integrate Inheriti® with Yoniverse’s platform, displayed via button labeled ‘Create a Decentralized Inheritance Plan’, and Safe Haven will reward the Yoniverse foundation wallet with 5% of fees associated with plans when clients select Yoniverse in the referral section; this partnership will bring in XRPL community members and enable Yoniverse to ensure all clients of their platform have access to patented DeFi inheritance protocols.

NFT Storybook Collaboration with Safe Haven

Annkan approached our organization, back in mid-November of 2021, to establish an NFT that defined the flagship product of Safe Haven – Inheriti®; after multiple meetings and brainstorming sessions with Tyler Doussan, CPO of Safe Haven, Annkan had decided to create a storybook that incorporated the Yonians utilizing SafeKeys to unlock ancestral data and knowledge.

The story takes place in a land far away, inhabited by the Yonians, where they are exploring remnants after the ‘Great Yoniphant Flood’ occurred. As they wandered onto the newly found land, the Yonians came upon a structure resembling a keyhole for the entrance and found an alter with unique technology placed on top. When they touched the device, a flood of memories entered their minds and a hissing sound began to rumble throughout the cold, dark, and damp room; the hissing grew louder, as the objective became clearer, and they realized time was of the essence. Yorms and Yatchipusses began to chase the Yonians as they ran towards a structure that was seen within visions while touching the SafeKey devices; the structure resembled the Inheriti® tree and there were slots for the devices to be inserted.

After inserting the SafeKey devices within their designated slots, the Yonians unlocked ancestral secrets of blockchain technology that was utilized to advance their civilization long ago. There were many hidden protocols that would further enhance the XRPL blockchain, but unfortunately the Yonians were captured before they could make it back to their civilization, and the data remains hidden till this very day. However, rumors have been told about a second chapter coming to explain how the Yonians set out on a mission to find the lost Yonians, which might entail the retrieval of SafeKeys confiscated by their enemies.

Utility of NFTs within Chapter 1 of Storybook Collection

The primary utility of these NFTs is that the holder will receive future chapters via airdrops – when a new chapter debuts, total amount of editions are doubled and holders of the previous chapter are airdropped the corresponding NFT; this creates a demand to hold the previous NFTs, along with establishing further value by incorporating other utility rewards:

  • Token IDs are considered raffle tickets and here are the possible rewards per quarter: NFTs from other collections created by Annkan (XRPL and Vechain NFTs), $YONIX token rewards, merchandise/swag items (shirt, hat, coffee mug, etc), and possible eligibility/whitelist for official Safe Haven events.
  • 100k $VET will be shared between 100 random minters; each selected participant receives the equivalent of 1k VET but 500 $VET is converted to $SHA.
  • All NFTs within the Storybook collection will reward whitelisting positions for future project created by Annkan.
  • 5% of raised $VET will be converted to $SHA, which will be donated to the Safe Haven node utility reward pool.

How Big is the XRPL Community?

The XRP Ledger community has more than hundreds of millions of accounts with 20 $XRP, all of whom do not have a decentralized inheritance plan established; many know the story of Matthew Mellon, and how his family lost access to $XRP tokens valued at +$200 million, but this does not have to be the outcome for any other family – the partnership with Annkan’s project will assist in educating the XRPL community members on how to protect their assets with patented decentralized inheritance or personal backup solutions.

Biography Provided by Annkan, Creator of the NFT Storybook, whom is also the Founder of Yoniverse:

I am a Swedish Scrum Master and the founder of the Yoniverse art collective. I have worked in IT for years and have been interested in blockchain since 2013. I used to work as a development manager in logistics, and two years ago when I was at a fair in Germany, I read a magazine where an article featured VeChain and a study on RFID tracking in warehouses using blockchain technology. It was like flipping a switch in my head. I understood that in a few years from now nothing would be the same as far as the products we use. I kept reading and found many great projects with promising utility that confirmed my feeling of the coming technical revolution. One of these projects was Safe Haven where I have been a proud node holder for a year.

In October of 2021, I decided to make an IOU token on the XRPL, which followed the current trustline craze to get my art out there. I was very excited to see if anyone would be interested in my pieces and the idea of people owning my work on the blockchain was my motivator – the response was far greater than I expected and we quickly grew as a community. As people started participating, a narrative for the project was formed, and the idea of a DAO was the first thing on my mind. As I work with governance in IT daily, the evolution of DAOs has been a passion for me; turning my project into a DAO was almost like a dream come true. The project quickly changed from a simple IOU token for one of my own collections, to a world-building project, art collective, and trustline token ($Yonix) – trading on the XRPL decentralized exchange.

I write art collective as there is no support for a trustless DAO on the XRPL yet. We currently have 38 Yonian artists, 2 digital content creators, 14 lore squad members, and 1 animation team building the Yoniverse. These people all have value to bring to the project and are part of its community mining. All of us created Yonians, countless planets, short stories, characters, food, beasts, and narratives together. Additionally, we have a theme song, an animated series, and completed 3 incubators to this day; Yoniverse is building something remarkable, as seen when taking a stroll through the virtual gallery on our website, which further unites our organization while we invest in each other’s ventures.

The incubators are for yonian artists to submit art to the project. The idea was that the community voted on a narrative for the incubator with the only rule being that it fits within the overall Yoniverse narrative. At the end of the month, the incubator opens for submissions, while voting rounds occur at later dates to rank the submissions. When a collection is ranked and ready, one of the snapshots will occur. In the Yoniverse we snapshot every Friday at 12GMT during epoch 1. Usually there is one snapshot for incubator art per month while the others are for mini collections, game-standard gear or pets.

For epoch 2 the $YONIX token utility will transform into sharing a yield of the art collective. More details on this to come closer to the release of xls20d, but we envision your holdings being relative to the percentage of distributed yield from royalties, sales, and other incentives across our projects on different blockchains.

There is a tier system that determines what you get from a snapshot. Tier 1 drops to those holding at least 10 $YONIX, Tier 2 to those holding at least 5 $YONIX, Tier 3 to those holding at least 1 $YONIX, and Tier 4 to those holding 0.1 $YONIX. Tier 1 will also get everything from the tiers below, along with a 1/1 NFT whenever we have art drops. When I write ‘drop’, I refer to the allocation to the holder’s wallet on IPFS. We use amazon cloud and IPFS to store the metadata for the pre-minted NFT allocations. This way we are ready to mint, when xls-20d is released on the XRPL, and the holders can see their pre-minted NFTs by utilizing our Yobot viewer.

Yobot is a discord bot built by one of our devs. With it you can authenticate with XUMM and then see your collection of pre-minted NFTs, which enables users to send each other $YONIX or $XRP, see the rich list, get access to tier rooms, and see your status. We mostly use it to send rewards for discord giveaways and view our new allocation of NFTs every Friday afternoon. After the last loyalty reward snapshot, on the 27 of may 2022, Yobot will be open to mint users NFTs when xls-20d is released. The generative Reyonian Collection, equaling 0.5 $YONIX, will also be minted after that release.

The future of the Yoniverse is not very different from what we have now; we will continue to grow a community of people emotionally invested in the narrative, holding art, and trading yonian NFTs – the Yonians will keep building a vast world and their contributions will be used in plots and events within the discord foremost.

We are also promoting to protect all digital assets by keeping them accessible for future generations with Safe Haven’s Inheriti®; whether you are a collector, gamer, artist, or investor, you don’t want your assets to go to waste were something to happen to you.

Check out the whole Storybook on YouTube:


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As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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