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Safe Haven Publishes Security Details of its Inheriti CE

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Security-focused blockchain platform Safe Haven has published important security guidelines of its Inheriti Community Edition (Inheriti CE).

Safe Haven’s first-ever Inheriti edition recently went live. Inheriti is the first-ever completely decentralized inheritance platform. Designed using a web browser-client system as well as JavaScript, Inheriti makes it possible for users to securely transfer digital assets while still maintaining custody of the same digital assets. With security being a top priority for the platform and Inheriti being client-based, it is imperative that users put in place some very important security recommendations.

Details on the security recommendations

An article by Safe Haven was released discussing in detail crucial security recommendations to ensure all funds on the Inheriti platform are secure. Below are the highlights:

1. Anti-Virus or Firewall Installation

This might sound outdated or over-the-top but having a reliable antivirus installed on your computer cannot be over-emphasized. Many crypto hacks could have easily been avoided by having a Firewall or Anti-virus installed. It is also advisable to get a reputable one like McAfee, Kaspersky, or Sophos.

2. Installed Browser

When making use of Safe Haven Inheriti, ensure your browser in use has a built-in sandbox. Browsers like Google Chrome or better still a Chromium-based browser.

A browser with inbuilt sandboxing capabilities will carry out tasks in separate independent processes. This is much better and secure than fulfilling tasks as a large, single browser process. Every time a new webpage is opened, Google Chrome, for example, initiates a new process for that page.

Microsoft, on the other hand, makes use of a Chromium-based engine for its Microsoft Edge browser. The browser is quite similar to Google Chrome but enacts slightly different security guidelines. This is majorly because Google Chrome is licensed under proprietary software and is also a closed-source software. Inheriti, however, prefers the use of a Chromium-based browser for its recently launched Community Edition.

Security pointers to look out for when using Google Chrome

  • Ensure your browser is up to date. That is, you have the latest version installed.
  • It is advisable to enable site location as it increases memory usage by about 10%.

You can also find out more about the sandbox functionalities of Google Chrome here.

3. Comet Wallet Extension

Safe Haven in its recently launched Community Edition made use of its own SDK. The SDKs are designed to support web3 (Thorify) and the connex interface APIs. However, the Comet version available for download did not meet BDD requirements for client implementation yet. However, work is currently ongoing on the version to ensure it is safe and ready for client implementation as soon as possible.

Importance of making use of Comet includes:

  • Private keys remain on the client browser
  • Comet is in charge of user authorization
  • Only releases information to Inheriti or any other dapp after due authorization. Thereby, protecting user privacy.
  • All transaction and account management actions are carried out solely in Comet.

4. SafeID

To further ensure security across its dapp suite, Safe Haven has decided to create a SafeID. SafeID is a centralized user management program designed to allow users to create a single ID across all Safe Haven dapps.

5. Safe Haven SafeKey Cold SSDP Data Storage.

SafeKey helps Inheriti achieve the multi-layer decentralized approach it is aiming for. This feature makes use of both blockchain and Cloud.

CEO of Safe Haven, Logino Dujardin, pointed out on Twitter that plans are in place to integrate Intigriti (best ethical hacking platform in the EU) on Inheriti.

It is important to note that Safe Haven Inheriti Community Edition (Inheriti CE) will not at any time hold users’ private data. To ensure all-round security, all data will be accessed via Comet.

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This article was originally posted by Altcoin Buzz

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