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Flash Development Update [2023/13]

⚡ As every Friday, we're here to keep you updated on all things Safe Haven: ✅ Expanding The Team ✅ Increased Staking Pools ✅ New Staking Period ✅ Comet 2.0 Updates ✅ A Job Offer

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Security Guidelines & User Privacy Whilst Using Inheriti Community Edition (Inheriti CE)

As you probably already know, our first live edition of Inheriti -the world’s first 100% multilayer, decentralized Inheritance platform- is web browser-client based driven, using JavaScript libraries that are built in order to give our users a secure way of transferring digital assets while holding custody of their assets.

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How to Use The Comet Wallet

This article contains detailed steps on how you can install, set up, and use the Comet wallet application.

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Safe Haven Publishes Security Details of its Inheriti CE

Security-focused blockchain platform Safe Haven has published important security guidelines of its Inheriti Community Edition (Inheriti CE).

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