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Safe Haven — The solution to digital inheritance

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If you don’t live under a rock you’ve probably seen the news about the new and upcoming market of digital currencies. Profitable as they may be, a lot of renown business men and CEO’s still call them a risky investment. Mark Cuban swears that you should only invest in Bitcoin if you are prepared to lose your whole investment, Jim Cramer claims that “Bitcoin is like monopoly money,” and Warren Buffet says bitcoin is a huge bubble and it is not a “value producing asset.” However, the people who made millions of dollars off of the smallest investments would probably disagree with them. Bitcoin does have value, it is not monopoly money, and if you invest in Bitcoin you probably won’t have to worry about it disappearing before your eyes.

So why is there so much distrust towards Bitcoin and the crypto market? The answer is simple; these investments that can make you a fortune can also be gone in the blink of an eye… Did you know that 4 million bitcoins are lost forever? That’s over sixty billion dollars right now. Fact is, you can’t put bitcoins in a safe or under your mattress. Your bitcoins are not federally insured like the money in your bank account. The coin that many pay thousands of dollars for is still just a number on a screen and if- or when something happens to their owner, that investment is gone with the wind. That’s thousands, maybe millions of dollars sitting in a digital wallet that will never be touched again. This problem is very real, and if you know someone who has a fortune in bitcoin, their asset is lost when they die if no one knows their codes and passwords. There is a cryptocurrency out there for almost any idea you can imagine; electricity, memes, and even weed! So why isn’t there one that makes your investment tangible after you die or become physically incapable of accessing your accounts?

Well, because it is very hard to do- unless you’re Safe Haven. Safe Haven is not an average cryptocurrency, in fact they don’t even consider themselves one. Safe Haven is a “Digital Asset” that once purchased, can be configured to allow your ever-growing investment reach the hands of all your loved ones if anything were to happen to you. This may be the next big coin, if not then at the very least the next big idea. If you are interested, their pre-sale is still open! Visit Safe Haven for more information.


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