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SafeID BETA, Identification Confirmed

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As many of you are beginning to find out, the Safe Haven ecosystem is elaborate and complex. There are several moving parts and requirements necessary to ensure the whole product offering works seamlessly. Though it is less spoken of, SafeID is one of the most important ecosystem tools. A quick background on SafeID…

What is SafeID?

SafeID is an identity provider built on the OAuth2 protocol that provides a secure method for log-on into several platforms with a single username and password. Essentially, it provides our community with a one-time registration of credentials to be used across all SafeHaven/SafeTech related sites/applications. We call this Single Sign-on or SSO.

Translated: Whatever platform(s) you utilize, SafeID will only require one set of login credentials.

SafeID provides:

  • Convenient and secure method of seamless login credentials
  • Ease-of-use
  • Security of the Safe Haven brand

SafeID also will function as a hub for:

  • Identity management
  • Access management
  • Payment management (SafeTech product subscriptions)

Within this BETA release, some of the functions above have not yet been integrated, but will soon follow. As such, you can expect to see upgrades that further the user experience provided by SafeID.

SafeID has already been integrated into ThorBlock, ThorPay, and Inheriti. Any future productions will also have SafeID immediately integrated.

SafeID has also been developed to work with SafeKey’s U2F authentication to ensure security. Those who have obtained a SafeKey will be able to use it in tandem with SafeID, furthering safety through the use of the hardware key.

SafeID Beta and sign-up, can be found at:

As we continue to release announcements that ensure a strong Q4, it is our hope that the community continues to provide feedback on all Safe Haven products. As always, we would like to thank you for your continued dedication.

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