StonerPunks and Safe Haven Partner to Implement an Ambassador NFT Airdrop and Inheriti® Integration (V2)! - Safe Haven

StonerPunks and Safe Haven Partner to Implement an Ambassador NFT Airdrop and Inheriti® Integration (V2)!

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Clients that establish a decentralized inheritance plan, via StonerPunks’ Inheriti® referral link, will receive an NFT that has utility within StonerPunks’ airdrop events and upcoming play-to-earn blockchain game – StonerPunks can utilize the integration as a business product that urges clients to protect the assets within their ecosystem by rewarding them with NFTs that enable unique features and perks! 

In addition to rewarding an NFT to clients that protect their NFTs with a decentralized inheritance/backup plan, StonerPunks have agreed to airdrop a special SHAman NFT to those who hold Safe Haven Ambassador NFTs. 

What is the Cost to Utilize Inheriti® Services and Why is it Important?

Users can create a lifetime decentralized personal backup and/or inheritance plan for the cost of 10k SHA tokens; without decentralized recovery protocols, all NFTs and cryptocurrency would become lost forever if owner of estate loses access to wallet storing said tokens – Inheriti® reduces the risk of losing utility tokens and NFTs within metaverses, or any other ecosystem utilizing digital assets to function, enabling investors to feel more confident about the survival of their investments.

How to set up a decentralized inheritance plan?

How to Set Up A Decentralized Inheritance Plan?

Inheriti® Demonstration Video

Inheriti® Approved and Pending Patents:

🇺🇸 United States:

🇪🇺 Europe:

🇨🇳 China:

When will the Inheriti® Integration be Implemented and How will the Button be Displayed? 

The integration will be implemented on StonerPunks’ upcoming website (, but in the meantime clients will be able to establish a plan via the referral link within StonerPunks’ discord server – a separate channel will be made for community members to read material on Inheriti® and utilize the referral link to create a DeFi inheritance plan.  

StonerPunks’ Discord: 

How to Claim Your Inheriti® Edition StonerPunks NFT: 

Save the transaction ID of the smart contract that was signed to pay for the Inheriti® plan, wait for the claim page to be setup within StonerPunks’ discord, and submit your NFT request – the NFT artwork will be revealed by StonerPunks after it is complete. 

How to Claim Your Safe Haven Ambassador Edition StonerPunks NFT: 

After we announce our recent partnership that will enable the minting of Ambassador NFTs, Safe Haven node holders that have matured their nodes for 6+ months can navigate to the minting page and claim their NFT. Once an individual has their Ambassador NFT on their wallet, they will be able to navigate to StonerPunks’ discord and submit their wallet address for claiming the Ambassador edition StonerPunks NFT. 

The supply of Ambassador NFTs will increase as new Ambassadors claim their deserved NFT character. This will create a unique experience for the members of Safe Haven that want to use their branded character within the upcoming play-to-earn game, which will also be one of the few character NFTs that has multiple editions.

The Foundation and Economy of StonerPunks:  

The ecosystem of StonerPunks is composed of multiple NFTs – most of which are 1/1 character editions, while other NFTs have numerous editions with unique soundtrack metadata and/or utility metrics – that enable specific functionality in and out of their upcoming play-to-earn metaverse/game. 

Non-Fungible Tokens: tokens utilized for ownership of specific metadata – characters, items, or areas within a metaverse – that provide eligibility towards governance and airdrop events. 

NFT Collection Drops 1-4:  

Since November of 2021, StonerPunks have had 4 successful NFT drops; every drop launches 50 NFTs, at the price of 3K $VET each, and the rate of minting-out continues to increase per drop.  

Drop 4 went live on April 10th, at 6pm CET, and at current time of writing there are less than 16 NFTs available to mint – you can obtain your NFT via this link if there are still some available: 

Airdrop Events: After each drop has completely minted-out, StonerPunks launches a large giveaway airdrop. Each token ID from the NFTs in the collection that were minted are inputted within a wheel/raffle software to randomly choose the winners.  

Prizes included during past events – official StonerPunk 1/1 NFTs, SafeKey devices, cryptocurrency rewards, NFTs from other Vechain NFT projects, and other physical items like merchandise and/or collectors items. 

View the recent airdrop event to get a better understanding of how this works:

Staking Reward Raffle: StonerPunks have committed to putting liquidity within the $WOV staking pool via Vexchange – rewards derived from these staking protocols will be airdropped to NFT holders by utilizing a random selector with token IDs. 

The first disbursement of staking rewards was 32K $WOV:

Upcoming Inheriti® Integration Upgrades for Previous Partners! 

We have already began brainstorming which types of NFTs can be incorporated with each partner’s specific referral link, so that they too can enhance the experience for users protecting assets within their metaverse. Feel free to submit ideas, in the comment section of twitter, for what types of NFTs you would like to see incorporated by Safe Haven’s partners. 

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As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support. Be sure to keep up with our official channels!


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