Strategic Business Update - Safe Haven

Strategic Business Update

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Dear community,

With everything that’s going on at Safe Haven and the coming launch of Inheriti® 2.0; we figured it would be a good time to share an update on recent and future events.

Let us begin with a big thank you for the ongoing community support, we’re seeing more and more posts on social media and we are impressed with the support in dealing with KuCoin. Recently we have announced our preparations of our marketing plan, the listing of SHA on XRPL, new listings on SafeSwap (more on that soon) and hinted at a very clear multi chain future for Inheriti®. We are now nearing the launch of our main product, the product where we’ve worked so hard for: Inheriti® 2.0.

This launch will not only be supported by a strong strategic marketing and business development campaign, but will also bring some changes when it comes to tokenomics and community engagement.

When we started our journey with the launch of Safe Haven, crypto was different, and we were a different business – things change, crypto changes, strategic partners and business relations change, and we have evolved as a business. With our goal to become a leader in digital inheritance and the upcoming launch of Inheriti® 2.0 that is ready to be shipped to the masses, the metrics we use to define success have also changed.

Our goal as a business is to capture a sizeable % of the digital inheritance market – a market valued at 15+ BN USD in 2024, growing to 52 BN USD in 2030, witnessing a strong 20% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) during 2024-2030. This also means that as a business our priority is to show the importance of digital Inheriti® to our core audiences and to sell Inheriti® plans – as a token holder you will benefit of our success in numerous ways as our increased exposure, awareness and demand for Inheriti® will also impact the demand for our token, the growth of our community and overall visibility.

The above strategy also means that even though it’s important to make sure our token is available to our future and current holders via DEXs and CEXs, we will not invest in this availability at all costs – investing hundreds of thousands of USD in a CEX listing hardly makes sense when we can also invest that money in the marketing and business development for Inheriti®. For the simple reason that the primary objectives of Safe Haven are to run a profitable business and to sell Inheriti® plans. And again; our token holders directly benefit of both objectives, when we’re profitable we invest in growth, growth means we’re positioned to sell more Inheriti® plans and with each Inheriti® plan sold – our loyal holders benefit.

The current situation with KuCoin has prompted us to carefully consider our strategic decisions, to think about how to best allocate available budget and resources. With the above in mind the decision has been made to not invest in short term solutions with a business partner, in this case KuCoin, that doesn’t add value to us achieving the above objectives and is effectively putting us under pressure to invest substantial amounts of money in creating non-organic volume which will enrich them, not us, not our holders. Taking this route would mean less available resources on achieving our goals, a decision that not only would not be fair to ourselves but also not to our loyal holders.

As a result of these considerations we have decided to stop trying to negotiate with KuCoin to maintain our listing, and are pushing forward with our plans to achieving our long-term goals, which can only be achieved when we focus on the things that add value and drive us forward. Our token is of course readily accessible on other CEXs and DEXs and with Inheriti® 2.0 there is also a fiat line for purchasing Inheriti® plans, utilizing SHA tokens at the backend.

There is a lot happening at Safe Haven that empowers us in making this decision; the launch of Inheriti® 2.0 is only one of them – Jurgen has hinted at one of the consequences of this launch, the possibility of a L2 chain that will help us in modernizing Safe Haven tokenomics, and opening doors to further expansion of the team, partnerships, marketing opportunities and rewards for our loyal token holders. You as a token holder will both indirectly and directly benefit of what is to come.

We are excited to take you on the next step in our journey where we move into the most exciting phase yet; the growth phase. The phase where all our hard work and patience will come to fruition.

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