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The 12 Days of Safe Haven

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Safe Haven has been hard at work. Another year is coming to a close and that means holidays around the world are being celebrated. This year, we wanted to do something extremely exciting, a campaign we have dubbed: The 12 Days of Safe Haven.

This campaign will run from December 14, 2019 through December 25, 2019. Each day, a new announcement will be made. These announcements will cover several different areas including, but not limited to:

  • Community Awareness
  • Community Participation
  • Development Updates
  • Community Appreciation

The reason for this campaign is simple, it is the end of the year and we are ready to celebrate a year of success with the community and communities beyond our own. This announcement of the campaign is considered the first release and embedded within this release is the first community participation opportunity.

A common practice worldwide, is the sending of holiday greeting cards to friends and family, a reminder that despite our busy lives we keep them in our thoughts. Safe Haven is no different, we believe that keeping those close with whom we share a common bond with is important. From this ongoing tradition, we would like members of our community to make a holiday greeting card using the following criteria:

  1. From the Safe Haven community
  2. To any blockchain project (not Safe Haven) that you believe in and feel could utilize a Safe Haven solution to advance their project
  3. Submission must be submitted on Twitter and be public
  4. Must tag the project/organization you are writing the card to
  5. Must use the hashtag: #12DaysOfSHA
  6. Be responsible in your card and respectful

This campaign will be ongoing throughout our 12 Days of Safe Haven campaign and posts/submissions will be considered for a reward through December 25, 2019.

Five E-cards will be chosen by the Safe Haven team that show the most effort in building awareness around Safe Haven solutions. In order of highest rated to lowest [of the top five], the holiday reward pool will distribute SHA [token] accordingly:

  1. 250,000 SHA
  2. 200,000 SHA
  3. 150,000 SHA
  4. 100,000 SHA
  5. 50,000 SHA

Note: Winners will not be chosen based on ‘likes’ or comments; Safe Haven will be judging on marketing technique and creativity of the individual post.

The Twitter accounts that submit the winning E-cards will be announced on January 10, 2020, as to give the community and team time to spend with their friends and family in observance of the holiday season.

We are looking forward to an extremely fun and announcement loaded holiday season, and we wish you and yours the very best moving into the new year.

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