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The Power of Inheriti® 2.0 – Use Cases Beyond Digital Inheritance

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You may have caught a glimpse of the buzz surrounding the new and improved UI/UX design and the rebranding for Inheriti® 2.0 that we’re working on.

But did you know that there’s so much more to Inheriti® than what meets the eye?

Did you know that Inheriti® is more than just a digital inheritance solution?

While originally developed for digital inheritance, its protocol (SSDP – Secure Share Distribution Protocol) offers a wide range of use cases that will make Inheriti® evolve into a powerful and versatile tool that goes beyond passing on your assets to loved ones.

So for those wondering, let’s dive into the remarkable use cases of Inheriti® 2.0 and explore some of the endless possibilities it will offer to safeguard your data. 🧵👇

1/ Digital Inheritance Planning

As mentioned, Inheriti® started as a digital inheritance platform, and it still excels at this core feature today.

It takes digital inheritance to a whole new level, streamlining the transfer of digital assets and sensitive data to designated heirs, ensuring your legacy lives on when you happen to pass away.

Inheriti® also adds an additional layer of security to your digital inheritance plan:

The Dead Man Switch.

The Dead Man Switch is an activation method used in inheritance plans. It serves as a verification mechanism to confirm the status of the plan owner and gets triggered only if a required action is not taken before the configured timer hits 0.

This means that if you’re still able to take certain actions (for example clicking on a link), you’ll always be able to prevent your protection plan from being opened by the shareholders.

You’’re always in control, as long as you’re alive.

This security mechanism provides an added safety net, ensuring that your data is passed on only if you’re unable to take the necessary actions to confirm your status.

It adds peace of mind, knowing that your digital inheritance plan will be executed according to your own wishes, even if unforeseen circumstances prevent you from actively managing it.

But, this is just the beginning of what Inheriti® and its protocol can do!

2/ Personal Data Protection

Your personal data is precious, and keeping it safe is of utmost importance.

Inheriti® steps up as your digital, decentralized storage solution, securing sensitive information such as passwords and PIN codes from unauthorized access and potential data breaches.

No more worries about scribbling down your passwords on vulnerable sticky notes or resorting to risky cloud storage.

Inheriti® serves as your safe haven, protecting your secrets with its robust encryption, multi-layered storage and other security measures.

3/ Seed Phrase and Private Key Protection

If you’re part of the crypto and NFT world, you know how critical your seed phrases and private keys are to access your valuable assets.

Inheriti® provides a secure backup solution for your seed phrases and private keys.

Say goodbye to the days of writing down private keys on a piece of paper or storing it in plain text files that are prone to loss or theft.

Inheriti® ensures your private keys are encrypted, decentralized and stay safe and sound until you decide to open your protection plan.

Only you are in control.

4/ Business Continuity Planning

Not only as an individual who’s using the internet you should be careful, running a business comes with its share of challenges as well, and ensuring continuity is a top priority for every business owner.

Inheriti® is here to be your trusty data backup solution, safeguarding sensitive business data to prepare for emergencies and unexpected events.

No more relying solely on external hard drives or unsecured file-sharing services for backup and recovery.

Or even worse, relying on one person in your organization for managing all sensitive data.

Inheriti® strengthens your business’s resilience by making sure important data is protected and safeguarded by multiple trusted individuals across your organization.

Bonus: Safeguarding Secret Recipes!

Imagine you have a secret recipe, like your grandmother’s famous burger sauce, known only to a select few in your family.

Or think about the secret recipe of Coca-Cola, often rumored to be only known by a few selected people that aren’t allowed to travel together.

It’s a treasured secret that you want to keep safe and secure for generations to come, but you can not just share the recipe at this point already.

Inheriti® can be your secret recipe vault!

It can encrypt and split the recipe into different secret shares stored on multiple devices with multiple shareholders.

This ensures that only designated family members or trusted individuals have access to (encrypted and unreadable) parts of the recipe, preventing any single person from knowing the complete secret.

Your recipe remains protected, and its confidentiality is maintained for as long as you’re alive!


In conclusion, Inheriti® 2.0 goes far beyond its initial purpose as an inheritance platform.

With its innovative solution and protocol, it becomes a versatile digital asset management tool that keeps your sensitive data safe and secure.

Whether it’s safeguarding your personal data, securing your crypto assets, ensuring business continuity or planning your digital inheritance, Inheriti® is a reliable and comprehensive solution that unlocks endless possibilities in the digital world.

You’ll experience a new level of data security and peace of mind with Inheriti® 2.0!

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