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The Power of Inheriti® 2.0 – Use Cases Beyond Digital Inheritance

You may have caught a glimpse of the buzz surrounding the new and improved UI/UX design and the rebranding for Inheriti® 2.0 that we’re working on. But did you know that there's so much more to Inheriti® than what meets the eye? Did you know that Inheriti® is more than just a digital inheritance solution? Let's dive into the remarkable use cases of Inheriti® 2.0 and explore some of the endless possibilities it will offer to safeguard your data.

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Inheriti Community Edition is Live! The first fully-decentralized digital inheritance solution has been launched and is available for the blockchain-connoisseurs all over the world!

Several years have gone into the release of such an elaborate platform. Hours of dedication to the technical, legal, and business development have been spent to get us here. Every one person who ever joined our telegram, ‘liked’ our Twitter account, or dedicated their time to testing the platform, we are in your debt and we can only hope that our success is your success.

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