Virtual Flame Studios Partners with Safe Haven to Integrate DeFi Inheritance Protocols via V1 Inheriti® Integration! - Safe Haven

Virtual Flame Studios Partners with Safe Haven to Integrate DeFi Inheritance Protocols via V1 Inheriti® Integration!

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Virtual Flame Studios (VFS) is an organization that develops NFT collections and play-to-earn blockchain games – their goal is to create unique utility protocols, on the Vechain blockchain, that drive demand and increase value of the NFTs within the ecosystem.  

To reduce the risk of NFTs becoming inaccessible, VFS is partnering with Safe Haven and integrating Inheriti® to ensure all NFTs within the VeNerds, VeGhost, Mechalomanics, Guardians, and future collections remain accessible via decentralized inheritance or personal backup protocols. 

What is the Cost to Utilize Inheriti® Services and Why is it Important?

Users can create a lifetime decentralized personal backup and/or inheritance plan for the cost of 10k SHA tokens; without decentralized recovery protocols, all NFTs and cryptocurrency would become lost forever if owner of estate loses access to wallet storing said tokens – Inheriti® reduces the risk of losing utility tokens and NFTs within metaverses, or any other ecosystem utilizing digital assets to function, enabling investors to feel more confident about the survival of their investments.

How to set up a decentralized inheritance plan?

How To Setup A Decentralized Inheritance Plan?

Inheriti® Demonstration Video

Inheriti® Approved and Pending Patents:

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🇪🇺 Europe:

🇨🇳 China:

How will Inheriti® be Integrated within Virtual Flame Studios?

After the website of Virtual Flame Studios launches, a page defining the importance of Inheriti® will be added to the platform with a button that directs users to establish a decentralized inheritance/backup plan via the VFS referral link — each plan made via link will reward 5% of the service fee to the wallet address listed within the contract filed between Safe Haven and Virtual Flame Studios.

In the meantime, a discord channel will be established within the VFS discord, which is where users will be able to utilize the referral link and read information about Inheriti® until the VFS website is live.

Meet the Team of Virtual Flame Studios

Virtual Flame

Founder and Owner of VFS, host of the Monday Flame Space and Thorsday events in the Vechain Discord; the Virtual Flame is a strong pillar of this community who provides a welcoming environment to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard. 


Chief of Design, Graphic Artist, and Professional Tattoo Artist that designed all the VeNerds by hand. 

Victuh Victuh

Founder, Owner, and Artist of the Guardian NFT Collection. 


Community Director that is also in charge of social media management and engagement for all VFS projects.

Additional Staff

There are other team members within Virtual Flame Studios that will be announced by their organization in future VFS articles. 

Stay connected and follow their Medium channel: 

VeNerds NFT Collection – Pioneer Project of VFS

VeNerds is a collection of 1,250 NFTs that are utilized for governance and token reserve models within the Virtual Flame Studios ecosystem. Holding a VeNerds NFT will bestow the owner with voting rights for future developments and reward NFTs derived from future collections. The minting date for VeNerds was on December 10th, 2021, which took place on the VeSea NFT Marketplace and minted-out in less than 10hrs at a price of 1,000 $VET each. 

Reserve Token Model

Each of the 1,250 OG NFTs, from the first VeNerds NFT collection, will reward the holder with at least 2 unique free NFT mints per year and quarterly airdrops of collectible NFTs. Unique NFT mints are considered drops from upcoming collections that have planned utility, while collectible quarterly airdrops are NFTs that will not have guaranteed utility. 

Safe Haven Node Rewards to OG VeNerds Holders

On January 16th, 2022, the OG VeNerds community voted to utilize the funds reserved in the DAO for establishing a Connect Node. In addition to creating a node, leftover funds were utilized to purchase SHA for staking within the fixed staking Connect Node pool.  

All rewards derived from the utility reward pool and fixed staking positions will be distributed equally amongst the OG VeNerd holders – welcome to the node family VeNerds! 

Previous Airdrop Events Dedicated to the OG VeNerds Holders

Evil Genius

Each OG VeNerds holder was airdropped an Evil Genius NFT, which was the evil version of the nerd they collected from the first collection. 

Haunted Nerd and Stephen Hawking

Virtual Flame surprised the community with an airdrop of one Stephen Hawking NFT, and one random Haunted Nerd, per OG VeNerds NFT on his birthday!  


On March 10th, 2022, all OG VeNerds holders were airdropped an NFT from the VeShawties NFT collection hosted on BlackVeMarket NFT Marketplace. 

VeThug x VeNerds Collaboration

Each OG VeNerds holder received one of the four NFT collaboration designs. Those who collect all four variations of the collaboration are entitled to future airdrops. 

Community Engagement from the Founder

True to his word and passion for the community, within 3 days of minting out, Virtual Flame got a tattoo of a half-cybotic Sunny Lu (CEO of Vechain). 

VeGhosts – NFT Project Acquired by Virtual Flame Studios

History of Project and Acquisition 

VeGhosts was originally designed to be a fun and community-driven NFT project on the Vechain blockchain, but the original founders were not able to keep up with the expectations of the community. After Virtual Flame and his team had such a successful launch with the VeNerds collection, they acquired the VeGhosts project to implement utilities and rectify the loss of the initial VeGhosts investors – Virtual Flame did not want to see the VeGhosts collector’s investment towards that collection go to waste! 

Background of the NFT Collection

A collection of 8.000 VeGhosts NFTs were curated, but only 5,214 of the supply was minted before the deadline; the NFT collection dropped on October 29th, 2021, on the VeSea NFT Marketplace with a tier minting structure – the tiered minting began at 390 $VET, with the final tier costing 3,120 $VET per mint. 

Revival of the Project with Burning Protocols

In attempt to increase the floor price and demand of VeGhosts, Virtual Flame Studios have decided to collaborate with VeFam artists to host quarterly burning events. These events enable NFT owners to transfer their VeGhost, and 200 $VET (price subject to change in the future), to the listed address for a chance to obtain 1 of the 75 different NFTs curated by the VeFam artist chosen for that month.  

The first burning event is scheduled for 4/20 (April 20th, 2022) and the artist chosen to curate the 75 NFTs is a well-known member of the VeFam – Imzis, a Top Artist on the World of V NFT Marketplace, is curating the NFTs for this event!  

Rumors about VeGhosts in a Metaverse

In a recent Flame Space – Twitter Space hosted by the Virtual Flame on Mondays – there was a rumor that VeGhosts will be seen in a haunted house within a metaverse being constructed by a popular VeFam NFT project. 

Head to the VeGhosts channel in the VFS Discord to find out more information: 

Mechalomanics – Upcoming NFT Collection of Virtual Flame Studios

Pictured above, meet Scrappy and Data – NFT characters in the upcoming play-to-earn blockchain game being designed by Virtual Flame Studios. 

Not much is known of this collection to the public at this moment, so the information here will be limited, but VFS has been releasing sneak peeks of one random Pilot (NFT character) every Sunday until launch! 

Minting Price and Launch Date

The launch date has not been made public yet, nor has the total supply of NFTs in the first Mechalomanics NFT Collection, but the price is set at 2,000 $VET per mint. 

Guardians Partnered with Virtual Flame Studios

Many of you already know Guardians NFT from our previous NFT collaboration, pertaining to the 25 NFTs with the Safe Haven shield attribute, so it brings us great pleasure to also be working more closely via support for the Virtual Flame Studios integration of Inheriti®! 

Join the Community and Assist in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support. Be sure to keep up with our official channels!


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