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What is the Safe Haven TAN (Trust Alliance Network)?

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Safe Haven’s Trust Alliance Network is a group of legal entities which will have been screened by Safe Haven in order to perform all the necessary steps to accomplish our goal, starting the future of trust by securing your assets, and by doing that reassuring your relatives, stakeholders, and your legacy.

The TAN platform will be online (not to be confused with our Safe Haven services) very soon, and contains all of the following great functionalities; TAN is an autonomous social community project for blockchain related legal affairs, documentation and services, a sort of a blockchain reference for and by Legal entities specialised in Crypto. In the TAN, legal entities will be able to subscribe in order to sell their services to their customers, so every legal entity will/can have a sort of profile page of their services (prices/hours/location). All documentation related to crypto Law, from tax affairs to inheritance, will be added on the TAN platform. The goal is that TAN will become like a wiki for blockchain law. Once Safe Haven is up & running, Safe Haven will become a client of the TAN, like a partner with mutual interests. Registered Legal entities of the TAN will be able to subscribe to services like Safe Haven, and hopefully others will follow if they are not inheritance related. We have already started some negotiating to establish solid partnerships with legal entities in various countries.

From a user perspective, users will be able to check out legal entities profiles and will be able to use their services in order to safeguard their legacy through one of Safe Haven’s protection plans. The TAN will offer users free consultation and possibly quotes for services.

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