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Safe Haven Presents the Home for Legal Blockchain Professionals: Welcome to the Trust Alliance Network

The Trust Alliance Network (TAN) was developed with one goal in mind: to offer the entire crypto-sphere a legitimate hub for legal representatives to culminate relevant data pertaining to all things blockchain. A location in which the community could procure legal assistance when and if needed. We understand that this is essential to the space, and make no mistake, the undertaking is massive. Like most good things, the full implementation of the Trust Alliance Network will take time, and collaboration. We are pleased to be releasing the initial construct at this time, giving members of our community around the globe the ability to pioneer this incredible asset.

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Safe Haven solves a real problem in this community!

Safe Haven is going to revolutionize the market as it solves a real problem in the community. We are desperately in need of a solution that guarantees the safe and secure passage of keys and seeds to our relatives if anything were to happen to us.

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What is the Safe Haven TAN (Trust Alliance Network)?

Safe Haven’s Trust Alliance Network is a group of legal entities which will have been screened by Safe Haven in order to perform all the necessary steps to accomplish our goal, starting the future of trust by securing your assets, and by doing that reassuring your relatives, stakeholders, and your legacy.

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