Baysed Labs Partners with Safe Haven to Integrate Inheriti® Backup and Inheritance Solution! - Safe Haven

Baysed Labs Partners with Safe Haven to Integrate Inheriti® Backup and Inheritance Solution!

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Baysed Labs Partners with Safe Haven to Integrate Inheriti® Backup and Inheritance solution!

Safe Haven is excited to announced that Baysed Labs is fortifying recovery methods for their ecosystem, by partnering with Safe Haven and integrating Inheriti®, to ensure their community cryptocurrencies remain accessible via decentralized inheritance or personal backup plans.

What is Inheriti®?

Inheriti® is a decentralized and patented Data Backup and Digital Inheritance solution for sensitive data. It offers businesses and individuals unrivaled security in the management and transfer of digital information, e.g., access to digital assets, NFTs, (social) media accounts and other digitized data.

The way Inheriti® stores critical data is 100% decentralized, no sensitive data is held on any back-end system or repository, there is no central point of control – eliminating the risk of single-point failure, and no concentration of data in one place. Besides Inheriti® being powered by military-grade encryption and pin-code protection for each plan share, it also uses a three-layer storage topology, providing an extremely secure and quantum-resistant method of storage.

What is the Cost to Utilize Inheriti® Services and Why is it Important?

Users can create a lifetime decentralized personal backup and/or inheritance plan for the cost of 10k SHA tokens. The plan can be tailored to individual needs and situations.

Without an Inheriti® plan, there is a risk of losing digital assets, NFTs, and access to important accounts like wallets and exchanges. Inheriti® mitigates this risk, assuring investors that their investments will be securely transferred to designated partners or loved ones.

Baysed Labs

Baysed Labs is a NFT project with an OG collection that was one of the first projects on the XRPL. The goal is to create a fun and enjoyable community. It offers their NFT holders numerous benefits such as NFT future Airdrops such as Hogs and Baysed Birds, as well as token Airdrops like Baynana tokens and and CasinoCoin. Baysed Labs will also provide OG holders with benefits on every metaverse projects with which it partners.

The collection consists of 10,000 unique NFTs that provide unique artwork and are made with high quality assets. By owning at least one NFT, the owner gets access to various benefits and events.

Visit the Baysed Labs website:

How will Inheriti® be Integrated within Baysed Labs?

To establish a decentralized inheritance and backup plan, users of the Baysed Labs website ( can click on the button that directs users to the Inheriti® platform through a referral link. Each plan made via the link will reward 5% of the service fee to Baysed Labs.

Visit Inheriti® to Create a Plan:

How to Set Up a Decentralized Inheritance Plan:

Watch a Demonstration Video:

View the Security and Audit Reports:

View our Approved and Pending Patents:

About Safe Haven

Safe Haven is an innovative company in the blockchain field that provides inheritance and asset management solutions for individuals and businesses. By combining traditional estate planning with the growing world of digital assets, Safe Haven offers a comprehensive decentralized solution for backup and transfer of access data to cryptocurrencies, NFTs, business or social media accounts, intellectual property, and other (digitized) information.

All Safe Haven products have been developed from the ground up by experts in the fields of blockchain and security, ensuring reliable and robust solutions. They are designed with decentralization, security and user-friendly experience as its primairy focus.

Safe Haven utilizes its own token called SHA, which plays a crucial role in Safe Haven’s products and services. SHA node holders are given discounts on subscriptions for Safe Haven platforms and are rewarded with a percentage from the Reward Pool. The SafeNode Reward Pool collects a portion of the fees from multiple Safe Haven’s platforms and solutions.

You can read more about Safe Haven and SHA tokenomics on the official Safe Haven website.

Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.

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