Flash Development Update [2022/06] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2022/06]

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Business Development Update

  • We have extended our partnership with BlackVeMarket to provide all current and future NFT projects of their platform Inheriti integrations; a total of 9 new NFT projects will be integrating Inheriti and prompt their community to utilize our services to ensure a longevous ecosystem is possible.
    Read this article to better understand what each NFT project is doing, and how Inheriti will be integrated:

    BlackVeMarket and Safe Haven Establish an All-in-One Partnership to Provide DeFi Inheritance Services for NFT Projects Building on Their Marketplace!

  • Inheriti has officially been trademarked in the EU, UK, and HK, with CN and US soon to follow, which enables us to protect our household name brand from being utilized by others!
  • The team has agreed and started to put together a sales team, directly responsible for B2B SafeSwap integrations.

Technical Development Update

  • Continued work, pertaining to our marketing strategy and schedule, is being completed to publicize the release of SafeSwap.
  • Red4Sec’s audit of SafeSwap began on February 8th; we will continue to keep the community updated as receive news.

Community Engagement Update

  • Tyler will be joining No Nerds Inc and VeGhosts today, at 1pm EST today, to discuss a collaboration between the two entities.
    Link to Twitter Space:

  • Tyler has been invited to speak on a platform that will be sponsored by a startup supporter community of greater than +5 Million followers/investors. The entity wishes to be first to disclose their identity, but sponsored mass marketing of the event will begin soon.
    View this Twitter thread to see who will be involved, and whom was requested by this entity to host the documentary series:

  • Three minted token ID numbers were randomly selected via Google’s RNG tool and we will be distributing 10k SHA to each address as promised for the RatVerse minting session — numbers 605, 995, and 354 were selected by the RNG tool; congratulations to those who minted the lucky numbers 🎉!
  • Ukiyoe Warriors, one of our NFT partners, announced the addition of SHA utility via aftermarket resales!
    Help us share this new form of utility with others on social media:

  • BlackVeMarket and Tyler will be joining The Virtual Flame, on February 14th at 3pm EST, to further discuss the recent partnership and highlight key point!
  • Additional NFT integrations and giveaway events are already underway and will be rolling out throughout the rest of February.


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