Flash Development Update [2022/17] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2022/17]

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It’s friday again, which in Safe Haven terms means: Flash Development Update!

Number 17 of 2022 already!

We’d first like to ask you to go follow us via Facebook if you haven’t already. We’ll be sharing more and more updates there in the future.

Also: a few SafeKey devices from the current batch are still available for purchase, so order yours while supply is still here!
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Now that you are connected to our social network, let’s take a look at this week’s recap.

Business Development Update

Partnership Agreements

During this week, the partnership department met with four separate entities, two of which have already signed their partnership agreement, and the other two organizations requested partnership agreements because they want to integrate Inheriti® within their platform. 

The two organizations that have signed partnership agreements are Chain Estate and XApes (Bored Apes XRPL Club), and articles explaining the partnership efforts will be released soon.


For those who are wondering, we are still working closely with MAGMA, and everything looks very promising – the $SHA token will have utility within the MAGMA ecosystem, which will establish a bi-directional utility protocol for both MAGMA and Safe Haven. 

More information about the utility rewards within both ecosystems will be released to the community ASAP!

Technical Development Update

Audit SafeSwap

On 28 April, we received Red4Sec’s final audit report. It clearly states that the SafeSwap back-end is secure and does not currently present known vulnerabilities that could compromise the security of the users and their information.  

The plan to launch SafeSwap in the first week of May is on-track and we will continue further preparations, such as a SafeSwap giveaway event, press-releases, notifying YouTubers, contacting projects that are interested in listing, etc. 

Community Engagement Update

Node Holders Whitelisted for the Shamanic Oracles NFT Minting

All node holders will be whitelisted to mint at a discounted price of 7,250 $SHA, during the presale on May 11th , at 7PM UTC, via the World of V NFT marketplace. 

Other eligible whitelisting NFTs are: 

  • Holders of +3 VeGnome NFTs 
  • Holders of a ‘Welcome to the Product Suit’ Safe Haven soundtrack NFT 
  • Holders of the Shaman Bow NFT collaboration (Ukiyoe Warriors) 
  • Holders of the Shaman Bow Card-Art NFT (Ukiyoe Warriors) 
  • Holders of the Shaman Shield NFT collaboration (Guardians) 
  • Holders of the Safe Haven Storybook NFT video collaboration (YoniVerse) 

NFT airdrop for ShamanicOracles

All holders of ShaNodes are set to receive a rare companion NFT airdrop for the upcoming Shamanic Oracles NFT project. The snapshot will be around 8/9 May. 

Other companion airdrop eligibilities are: 

  • Holders of +5 VeGnome NFTs 
  • Holders of a ‘Welcome to the Product Suit’ Safe Haven soundtrack NFT 
  • Holders of the Shaman Bow NFT collaboration (Ukiyoe Warriors) 
  • Holders of the Shaman Shield NFT collaboration (Guardians) 
  • Holders of the Safe Haven Storybook NFT video collaboration (YoniVerse) 

Safe Haven Community Discord

Our Discord is a big success, allowing multiple means of communication for other sectors and topics within our organization, such as our special market-talk and NFT-talk channels; we love the atmosphere and the activity.  

The first growth-milestone was 300 members within 24 hours, and we hosted an NFT giveaway event to celebrate, which was followed by another giveaway when the growth-milestone of 400 members was achieved; the next giveaway event will be when we reach the 500 members milestone.  

Additionally, we have recently started Treasure hunting contests, to give the community fun ways to learn about the Safe Haven products, so make sure to keep your eyes open for such communal events! 

Feel welcome to join https://discord.gg/safehavenio

Twitter Space Hosted by The Virtual Flame on Monday

The previous Twitter Space was not recorded because it was more of an open-mic environment for the projects and communities of that session – not all sessions are recorded, so make sure to tune-in on Mondays at 3PM EST! 

The next Virtual Flame Space will be recorded and there will be some exciting new speakers! 

Boosted Giveaway with rewards every 10 days

The Communications department has an on-going giveaway event that rewards new users every 10 days. However, in the coming weeks, the giveaway events will be combined with Gleam to provide a more extensive awareness and marketing strategy. Additionally, the Partnership department will plan interactive giveaway events with other communities that have partnered with Safe Haven.   

You can join this week’s event by navigating to the following tweet:

Safe Haven Hoodies

With the changes in the reward structure of the SafeNodes, our famous hoodie (6 months tier) was replaced by a $25 voucher that can be spent on an item of choice within the Safe Haven webshop.  

The Ambassador NFT was added to the 6 months rewards, which you will be able to mint via World of V – more about this later in a separate article.

There have been several questions about the hoodies within our social channels. We need all hands on the partnerships and SafeSwap marketing now, so we had to decide that everybody currently eligible for a hoodie is going to receive a voucher of $45 (via email the next couple of weeks). We apologize to our loyal community members, but we need to prioritize now, and hope you understand.
With the upcoming design contest for Safe Haven and Inheriti® merchandise, there will be a lot more designs to choose from in a couple of weeks!

Safe Haven’s Recently added Facebook Page

Please check out our Facebook Page and give it a like: https://www.facebook.com/safehaven.sha

Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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