Flash Development Update [2022/25] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2022/25]

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Business Development Update

Partnership Inka Empire VNFT 🤝 

We have officially partnered with The Inka Empire to implement a V2 Inheriti® integration and provide DeFi inheritance services for their NFT ecosystem! 

The partnership also entails plans to Implement an Ambassador NFT Airdrop; learn more about it in this article:

The Inka Empire and Safe Haven Partner to Implement an Ambassador NFT Airdrop and V2 Inheriti® Integration!

You can find more info about the current giveaway and upcoming AMA in the Community Engagement section of this Flash Friday. 

Inheriti® Hong Kong ✍️🇭🇰

This week we received news that the Inheriti® trademark for Hong Kong has been officially registered, essentially protecting our product’s brand from being misused within all jurisdictions affiliated with the Hong Kong trademark registry. 

Crypto Currency News Guy made a YouTube video about it:

The NFT Time & The Crypto Reporters 📣 🌐 

The NFT Time and The Crypto Reporters are an online magazine platform sharing news pertaining to cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DeFi, GameFi, and other blockchain technologies; both news outlets published an article about SafeSwap on their websites. 

The NFT Time: https://thenfttime.com/safeswap-connecting-the-links-of-the-future-by-enabling-atomic-swapping-of-digital-assets/ 

The Crypto Reporters: https://thecryptoreporters.com/2022/06/18/safeswap-connecting-the-links-of-the-future-by-enabling-atomic-swapping-of-digital-assets/ 

Miami New Times 📣 🌐 

Miami New Times is a local news outlet focusing on community, business, and governmental interactions within Miami, Florida.
he King of IPods, Bill Siveter, has liquidated his IPod collection to invest within crypto assets (nearly $500k was accumulated for selling the collected IPods). 

We are proud to be one of the few currencies on his radar — $SHA $MATIC $ETH $SHIB 


Technical Development Update

New SafeSwap Listing 👨‍💻🛠 

The technical team is busy adding a new listing to SafeSwap. 👀 🤐  

Community Engagement Update

Safe Haven and The Inka Empire AMA 🔔📡

Make sure to join the core team members of Safe Haven and The Inka Empire, on June 30th at 3pm CST, for a recorded Twitter Space event! There will be an AMA, after both projects provide background information on the partnership efforts being made, so make sure to prepare some questions for the event – participants of the AMA will receive prizes reserved for the Twitter Space. 

Also, there will be another AMA on July 7th with Tyler and a new partner not yet announced! 

Active Giveaways

Inka Empire VNFT giveaway 🥳🎁

A Giveaway to celebrate the partnership with Inka Empire VNFT! Hop in, giveaway ends on June 30 at 11:59pm CET!

Prize Pool 

7 WINNERS (winners also receive 10% SafeKey discount voucher) 

  1. 20,000 SHA + Inka Empire NFT + Shamanic Oracles NFT
  2. 10,000 SHA + Inka Empire NFT + The Old Sha-Wizard NFT
  3. 7,500 SHA + Inka Empire NFT + Inca SHAman NFT
  4. 5,000 SHA + Inka Empire NFT + Inka SHAman NFT
  5. 5,000 SHA + Inka Empire NFT
  6. 2,500 SHA + Inheriti Potion NFT
  7. 2,500 SHA + Inka SHAman NFT


CryptoSvet Giveaway Inka SHaman 🥳🎁 

CryptoSVET organized an extra giveaway to celebrate the first NFT collection of 5000 NFTs from the Inka Empire launching on July 15th.  

Only 3 simple tasks and you get a chance to win this Inka SHAman NFT! 

Enter the giveaway here:

SecretEscapeNFT Giveaway 🥳🎁 

Here is another giveaway to join and get a chance of winning SHA related NFTs.
This one is a collaboration between SecretEscapeNFT and Safe Haven. 

Enter the giveaway here:

Safe Haven’s Recently added Facebook Page

Please check out our Facebook Page and give it a like: https://www.facebook.com/safehaven.sha

Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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