Flash Development Update [2022/27] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2022/27]

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Business Development Update

Blue Studios Labs Partnership 

We are partnering with Blue Studios Labs to integrate Inheriti® and provide decentralized inheritance and personal backup protocols for their family crypto wallet application – Wallio. 

Wallio revolutionizes how families invest, plan, learn, and earn together via DAO protocols; the ultimate family crypto command center, soon to be protected by the world’s only patented DeFi inheritance protocols! 

Read the partnership announcement for more information.

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By Grumpy Turtle 🐢

One of our community members, @GrumpiestTurtle, wrote an amazing article about Safe Haven in November 2021.

We added this to the Review section of our Safe Haven website. It is a must read for every Safe Haven community member, old and new. 

The Sound of Whispers 👀  

We were mentioned in the AMA between @XPunkDS and @RuleXRP; they spoke about the importance of protecting digital assets, and how they plan to secure DeFi inheritance protocols for the community in the future. 

Top Polygon Projects By Galaxy Score 

SHA was mentioned in the Top 10 of Polygon projects by Galaxy score. Check it out. 

Technical Development Update

EtherScan & PolygonScan Safe Haven Token Update 🛠 

EtherScan and PolygonScan have verified and updated the Safe Haven related info. 



Community Engagement Update

Quartely Review Q2 2022 ⌛️💡 

Andy Demeulemeester, Co-Founder and COO of Safe Haven, made a Twitter thread that provides a comprehensive review highlighting our Q2 accomplishments – if you want to follow all the developments, this is a must read! 

Head-down and #BUIDL like there is no tomorrow!

Avax Twitter Space 

VicDeLarge, a fellow SHAman within the Safe Haven community, reached out to Johnny.Avax and requested to have Tyler Doussan join their community Twitter Space – for those new to this initiative hosted by Johnny and his team, this Twitter space is held daily, which is the go-to area for all Avax NFT projects to discuss their developments and establish strong ties with others. 

A full overview of Safe Haven’s product suite was provided during the recorded session, and many Avax users showed much interest in utilizing Inheriti® to protect their crypto and NFTs for next of kin. 

Tyler showed Johnny how to setup a VeChain Thor Mobile wallet and welcomed him into the VeFam with open arms – our team is excited to grow our network and begin providing our DeFi protocols for the Avalanche blockchain community! 

Listen to the recorded session:

NFTs for Good – BSL Twitter Space 

Blue Studios Labs hosts weekly Twitter Space events with other NFT/crypto projects and influencers to explore the trending topics and utilities of NFT communities. 

On July 12th, at approximately 8:30pm EST, our Chief Partnership Officer will be joining “NFTs for Good” to discuss the partnership efforts being made between Safe Haven and Blue Studios Labs. 

Tyler said he is excited to ask Kelley about her metaverse avatar!

Save the Date and Join via Discord ⏰  

On the 21st of July, we will launch a Discord game night with SSV (Stardust Spectres: V-series) to strengthen our bond and merge communities. Make sure you save the date and don’t forget to join Discord:

Active Giveaways 🥳 🎁 

Safe Haven Ecosystem Awareness Giveaway – Ends on July 15th.  


CryptoSvet Inheriti NFT giveaway – Ends on July 15th.   

Cryptosvet and SecretEspace NFT – Ends on July 15th. 

Blue Studios Labs and Safe Haven Partnership Giveaway – Ends on July 18th. 


Ambassador NFT Update 

The developments for our Ambassador NFT Minting page are coming along nicely, and World of V should have it finalized in the coming weekssoon all fellow SHAman will be able to claim their deserved Ambassador NFT and start collecting NFT airdrops when applicable! 

Shamanic Oracles Staking Information 

The first $WOV staking pool has ended for the Shamanic Oracles. 

Enter the “World of V” platform and make sure to unstake in batches of +5; if you have 52 NFTs staked, then you should first unstake 47 NFTs, so that you will be able to unstake the remaining 5 NFTs for the final batch unstake function (for example). 

A new staking pool will be opening sometime next week, and we will give a three-day notice before opening the new pool to give everyone enough time to see the update. 

Safe Haven’s Recently added Facebook Page

Please check out our Facebook Page and give it a like: https://www.facebook.com/safehaven.sha

Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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