Flash Development Update [2022/29] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2022/29]

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Business Development Update

Inheriti® Trademark China 🇨🇳

This week we received news that the Inheriti® trademark for China has been officially registered, essentially protecting our product’s brand from being misused within all jurisdictions affiliated with the Hong Kong trademark registry. The trademark is registered in United Kingdom, European Union, Hong Kong and China. The submission in the United States is pending.  

XRPL Blockchain Advisor of Safe Haven 

Panos Mekras is our first XRPL Blockchain Advisor, who will leverage the network he has established since 2016, specifically to enable the Safe Haven product suite to scale and migrate to the XRP Ledger. He is founder and CEO of Digital Financial Services, Strategic advisor at VerseX and Aesthetes, strategic advisor and tokenomics advisor at xSPECTAR, community development manager at BlockZero Labs, amongst other prominent XRPL entities.

Inheriti® highlighted in Understanding the Crypto Economy 

Based on his experience Panos wrote a book: Understanding the Crypto Economy: A Full Guide for Beginners about Blockchain, Crypto, Web3, DeFi, NFTs. To teach newcomers how to secure their private data and ensure inheritance or personal backup plans are established properly, Panos featured the only patented and truly decentralized platform available – the flagship product of Safe Haven, Inheriti®. 

Inheriti® Representative Program 

We are starting an Inheriti® Representative Program to induce product awareness and platform utility protocols; each Inheriti® Representative will promote the materials provided by Safe Haven to their target audience groups.  

All approved representatives will receive their own Inheriti® Referral Link and obtain 5% of the payment of each plan made via link. 

During this quarter, we will implement a simple submission form on our website for people to apply for Inheriti® Representative status. More information about the requirements to be a representative will be shared when the submission form is revealed. 

Technical Development Update


Testing is done for the new listing, and liquidity will be provided by the partnered project at the start of next week. Then we will further align marketing strategies with the department of our partnered entity to best display the scalability SafeSwap’s atomic swapping protocols bestow. 

As we await the liquidity provisions and marketing campaign for the above-mentioned listing, our development team has already started working on the next listing; yes, there is more 😉 so more to come fellow SHAman! 

Community Engagement Update

New Shamanic Oracles Staking Pools – Unlock $WOV and Chakra NFTs! 

At approximately 5:30pm UTC, on July 22nd of 2022, all users who have not unstaked their NFTs must use the following link to unstake when the new WOV/Chakra staking pool goes live:

We heard some very exciting news from the WOV team today pertaining to future staking pools, and it will enable many cool new features, but we must wait to reveal what it is out of respect due to confidentiality agreements. 

Remember, there will be 2 snapshots to reward Chakra NFTs from this month’s staking pool on the World of V NFT Marketplace. Make sure to keep your NFTs staked the whole duration to qualify for the snapshots, which are taken in 14day intervals from start date. 

The maximum allowed Chakra NFTs to enter circulation per snapshot will be 2k; we predict around 1,400 will enter circulation per snapshot. For every 5 Shamanic Oracles staked, you will qualify for 1 chakra NFT per snapshot; e.g., wallet holds 15 NFTs, then 3 Chakra NFTs! 

Our team hopes you all are excited for the fusion era of Shamanic Oracles 🧙 

Winners Safe Haven Ecosystem Awareness Giveaway 

Congratulations to the winners of the giveaway that was hosted in collaboration with our partners VeGnomes, Stonerpunks, SecretEscape and RatVerse. They all donated NFT’s as prizes and we added NFT’s, discount vouchers and &SHA.

Process around Ambassador NFT’s 

Testing of the minting page has been going well and the infrastructure has been set. In contingency to the Ambassador NFT minting page going live, the final revisions for our newly created 3D NFT artwork must be polished. This was a very nice surprise from a fellow artist within the team – CryptoSVET – who honed his skills in a foreign program to deliver excellence for his fellow SHAman! 

Current giveaways 

We had many giveaways this month. If you still want to join, this one is open and ends July 31. 

Poker Game Night with StardustVNFT 

The poker night was a big success. The 50 participants wiped each other out, got burned, did risky calls and some won BIG. It was a lot of fun and people asked for a rematch. So…. we will be organizing a rematch in the future – may the odds be ever in your favor fellow SHAman! 

Safe Haven’s Recently added Facebook Page

Please check out our Facebook Page and give it a like: https://www.facebook.com/safehaven.sha

Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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