Flash Development Update [2022/30] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2022/30]

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Business Development Update

Multiple Partnerships TBA 🤝

Many partnerships have been in development throughout the month of July, one of which has a global organization of more than 5 million traditional investors that help each other scale and expand their businesses – each partner will be revealed to the community as documentation gets signed and approved. 

Metaverse Protection Packages

While working together with the above-mentioned partners that have yet to be announced, since March of 2022, Tyler Doussan has been designing Metaverse Protection Packages. These packages will include 2 SafeKey devices, 2 NFTs from the Metaverse Partner being showcased, 10k SHA tokens, and $100 worth of native tokens from the Metaverse Partner; this is essentially a package that includes everything necessary to begin a passive income journey in the metaverse, while having the tools required to establish a decentralized inheritance plan with patented technology. 

Real Estate and Safe Haven 🏛️

Since June 11th of 2021, the founders of Safe Haven have been partnering with MAGMA in the development of web3 technologies that enable Real Estate to have a digital representation in the metaverse via NFT fragmentation protocols. To put it simply, NFT fragmentation is the process of splitting one NFT of a building into multiple editions representing all its individual components (objects, systems, elements). Imagine a building where you would know by looking at its digital twin all the components and be able to interact with them and their creators. Service providers could directly interact with the building without the need of a third party. Coupled with Inheriti® this makes the most secure, easy to manage and most transferable assets that ever existed. Real estate is on the verge of its digital transformation.  

As seen throughout the recent weeks, from prominent twitter accounts affiliated with our organization, Safe Haven and MAGMA are poised to secure decentralized inheritance protocols for all Real Estate entities fragmenting NFTs on the blockchain for ecommerce sharing capabilities. 

Technical Development Update

SafeSwap Görli Testnet

Ethereum is revamping its testnet by removing old chains and adding new ones – the removal or addition of each chain can be identified in the “more info” link below. 

This does not change anything for the security of SafeSwap’s testnet, all protocols remain the same. It only means that the chain utilized to test atomic swapping contracts is different now. 

Hence, Görli (Goerli) and Sepolia are the new testnet chains for Ethereum; Rinkeby, Ropsten and Kiln testnet chains will be removed and replaced by Görli (Goerli) and Sepolia. 

Therefore, we enhanced the SafeSwap testnet on Ethereum to support Görli. 

More info about the new Ethereum testnet chains:

Safe Haven Linktree 🔗

We have leveraged Linktree’s customizable landing page to provide clients and businesses with a compact list of the most important links within our organization. Feel free to use it in your contacts with other projects and investors, so they too can get acquainted with Safe Haven and our community. 

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Community Engagement Update


As we have been making stronger connections with xSPECTAR, James started taking a deeper look at the Safe Haven product suite. Shortly after reviewing Inheriti®, he tweeted to his XRPL community about the decentralized inheritance services provided and asked if they have thought about documenting every step of their plan yet!

Our team has been in discussions with James to establish an interview for his XRPL community; the goal is to teach his community about our product suite and how they can ensure next of kin inherits all digital assets with our patented decentralized Inheriti® protocols. 

Interview with Shift Movement 

Tyler will provide an update for the Safe Haven product suite to Shift Movement’s community – it has been roughly a year since the last time Tyler was interviewed by Hayes and Stephen. 

This interview will be recorded and posted on the “TWGN Podcasts” YouTube channel:

SHAmanic Oracles New Staking Pool is Live 

More than 61% of the NFT supply has already been staked within the $WOV/Chakra-NFT staking pool. 

Make sure to stake all NFTs before the first snapshot occurs on August 8th – wallets will be rewarded 1 Chakra NFT, per 5 NFTs staked, with a variable $WOV reward. 

Current giveaways

There is currently one giveaway open – 11 winners on 31 July! 

This event was established to raise awareness for our flagship product Inheriti®, the most secure way to organize the access to your digital assets, NFTs, social media passwords, business documents and all other sensitive data. 

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As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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