Flash Development Update [2022/31] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2022/31]

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Business Development Update

SafeSwap Protocols Prove to be Most Secure

Multiple blockchain bridges that utilize wrapped tokens with user liquidity pools have been under serious pressure as they became susceptible to unethical hacking events. Recently, many of these bridging platforms had liquidity pools drained by those manipulating the faulty pooling mechanisms. Though situations as such are very upsetting to see, it adds credibility to the military-grade product suite we continue to bolster with unique DeFi protocols. SafeSwap utilizes atomic swapping protocols that enable projects to make their utility tokens crosschain-compatible with the supported EVM blockchains (VET/ETH/BNB/MATIC). 

An example of an atomic swap within our ecosystem would be a user locking 10k VIP180 SHA tokens to unlock 10k ERC20 SHA tokens; this is a trustless process that always delivers a 1-for-1 token swap, not relying on wrapped token liquidity or third-party entities for success. 

For Your Schedule: Interviews in August 

Two interviews are planned with the CPO of Safe Haven, Tyler Doussan. 

  1. On 8 August, at 8:30pm EST Tyler is joining WeGotNext for a livestream. Hosts are Christian Hayes and Stephen Springs. The interview will be made available on the We Got Next #YouTube channel. We will notify the community when it’s available.

  2. On 10 August, at 6pm UTC Tyler will join the live Cardinal House AMA with our partner Chain Estate DAO. Participants receive SafeKey discount codes 👀🧙‍♂️ and the session will be held within the Cardinal House discord:

Blockchain Conference 

Two team members, @cryptosvet_si and @AlexCSHAman, are visiting the conference in Canada on August 9th and 10th – one of the world’s leading blockchain conferences, showcasing the most cutting-edge technologies. 

If you are there too and want to have a talk, don’t forget to reach out, take a picture with the team members and share it on Twitter.  📷


Technical Development Update

SafeSwap Developments 

Last week the tech department fixed a bug that was causing issue with SafeSwap connecting to BSC via WalletConnect.  

Currently we are revamping the SafeSwap UI to show the total swap fees upfront. 

In the current situation

The swap fees are displayed when you connect your wallet, and the desired token swap amount is entered within the swapping field. 

In the new situation

The swap fees will be displayed without the need of a wallet connection. Users will be able to see the total swap fee next to each supported chain selector, before connecting their wallet, rather than being forced to connect to see fees. 

This is possible because SafeSwap doesn’t take a percentage of the tokens swapped; platform utilization fees are derived from a percentage of the gas fees required to do the transaction between the wallets. This is the most user-friendly fee structure that can be made possible without putting the foundation and node community at risk of losing returns on utilization protocols, especially with the fees of some blockchains being high and dynamic in nature (ETH for example). This improvement provides clarity for the fee structure of a user’s swap very early in the process of swapping. 

Community Engagement Update

Join the VeChain Wide Smash Karts Tournament

We’re looking for members to join the Safe Haven team for the VeChain Smash Kart Tournament. It’s a bit like Mario Kart, but without the racing element, and more of the smashing 😆 . There are loads of prizes from all the participating communities. Different project teams are joining, and the Safe Haven teams still needs a minimum of 6 team members. Who feels like having some fun?   

You can sign up on this Google form: https://forms.gle/bDcBPV8v2eTzHKBP7

Congratulations to the winners! 

The winners of the giveaway to raise awareness for our flagship product Inheriti® are drawn. All 11 winners received the Ilvitorn Shaman Wizard NFT. Congrats!

SHA Tweet-thread 

Who is building Safe Haven and what are their backgrounds? 🤔  

A thread was posted to display the c-suit of Safe Haven and some key factors that enable the organization to scale on all levels – absolutely worth the read!

Staking August

August Fixed Staking Pools closed today at 5pm CET – congratulations to all Harbor Node holders who were able to enter before the designated node staking pool filled to 100% capacity. 

To learn more about SHA staking: https://safehaven.io/sha/staking/ 

Shine a light 

This week we shine an extra light on the twitter posts of a few notable community members, Brandon and Vic de Large. 

We really appreciate the time and effort that these SHAman have set aside to create awareness for Safe Haven; never underestimate the importance of community tweets!  

Brandon’s post:

Vic de Large’s post:

Safe Haven’s response to Vic de Large:

Shamanic Oracles Staking Update 

There are three days until the first Chakra NFT snapshot – snapshot will take place at 2pm CET on Monday, August 8th! 

Don’t forget to keep your NFTs staked for the full 30d duration to be eligible for both Chakra NFT snapshots and accumulate the most $WOV rewards possible.

Safe Haven’s Recently added Facebook Page

Please check out our Facebook Page and give it a like: https://www.facebook.com/safehaven.sha

Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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