Flash Development Update [2022/49] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2022/49]

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Business Development Update

Upcoming Blockchain Advisors

As our team met with team members of the Avalanche blockchain and XX Network, both parties stressed the need for DeFi inheritance and cross chain solutions — each blockchain is finding the best advisor within their network to appoint in assisting Safe Haven with any technical questions pertaining to future developments within their ecosystem.

Partnership Development

Multiple Partnerships have been in development over the previous months. Each entity is from a different sector of business — real estate, education, logistics, security, and a few others. More information about each partner will be revealed as we approach the new year.

Keep your eyes open for a new partnership announcement next week! 👀

Live Inheriti® Demo

Tyler gave an Inheriti® demonstration during a few different provisional partnership meetings this week. After giving the demo, one of the entities we are partnering with requested for a live demo to be setup for their community. There were also a few other partners that requested a similar demo with an AMA session — our team is looking into planning these events.

Technical Development Update

Inheriti® Vault

The development team has tested the vault within their local LAB environment and are making preparations to install the vault within the BETA platform — once the vault is installed within the BETA platform, which should be before the year ends, then we can open beta testing for the internal team.

SafeKey Mobile

Our digital creative and front-end developer are making progress on the design of SafeKey Mobile. We are on scheme to have the internal test period planned before the end of this year.

Comet v2.0

Comet v2.0 is taking shape!

If no big issues appear while the development team performs some tests, we will be ready to move to the next step and have the whole team test the decentralized browser extension application internally.

Community Engagement Update

SHAmanic Oracles Staking

The snapshot came out to a total of 1,094 Chakra NFTs — 104 different wallets qualified. Each qualifying wallet will receive 1 Chakra NFT per 5 SHAmanic Oracles they had staked! The airdrop will occur asap, which will be followed by the opening of a new staking pool for SHAmanic Oracles.

Winners of Gleam Contest

Last week we made a mistake and accidently announced the winners of a different giveaway from the week before. So this time for real; here are the winners of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Event. All winners were notified and have received their prize. Congratulations everybody! 🎁🎉

By the way, we are preparing a portal where the winners of our giveaways can collect their rewards and prizes in an easy way. More about that in a future FF.

Gleam website: https://gleam.io/

Shine a Light

Jurgen’s tweet congratulating the VeChain Foundation on their $1.5M NFT minting, and saying that Magma will have even crazier numbers. He even mentioned SHA utility 👀

Don’t forget our Inheriti® Video, which was made by professionals and deserves another share. Feel free to use it on whatever media you like.

Our amazing community member @The_Belg_Ian, who helps out and informs in the Telegram chat whenever somebody is in need, shared this article from from October 25 2022 on the Ledger website, mentioning the Safe Haven Inheriti® solution. Nice one to read.


Some of Safe Haven’s core values are Transparency, Trust and Quality. One of the things we have been doing is keeping our community as informed as possible. We know we are unique in doing so, and cherish this transparency. We’re glad our community appreciates the Weekly updates too.

5th year Anniversary of Safe Haven

Our 5th Anniversary is on December 17th 🥳

Join us in celebrating the upcoming anniversary and keep an eye on social media for community giveaways and events — tomorrow we will launch a Sticker Pack Design Contest!

20% Discount Understanding the Crypto Economy

The SHA community can enjoy a 20% discount on the book written by our strategic advisor Panos. For those still looking for something to give or to do under the Christmas tree. If you show proof of your order, we will provide you with a 20% discount code to order a SafeKey.

Safe Haven’s Discord

Don’t forget, we are also located on Discord. You can find the link here:

Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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