Flash Development Update [2022/50] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2022/50]

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Business Development Update

Partnership with Landshare – Tokenized Real Estate

We have joined forces with Landshare to help solidify security and recovery protocols within their NFT real estate ecosystem by integrating Inheriti® and providing SafeKey support. All users can implement security key features with their SafeKey device to further fortify platform accessibility as they establish lifetime decentralized inheritance plans to ensure recovery is possible for future generations to come.

Read more about the partnership here:

Twitter Landshare: https://twitter.com/landshareio

Leveraging our B2B2C Suite

This week we published a series of tweets that questioned crypto and NFT businesses about whether or not they have the proper tools to take an agnostic development approach and maintain sustainability protocols:

Monthly VeChain Project Leaders Event

Make sure to mark your calendar and prepare your questions for the next VeChain Project Leaders event, via Twitter Space, on December 29th. We will be sharing updates alongside other projects as we finish the year with a strong outlook for a bullish period of mass utility in 2023!

New SafeSwap Listing on the Horizon

We are limited to what can be said at this current state, but the business contract has been signed — after atomic swap tests prove true for the newly listed asset within SafeSwap’s beta platform, which could take up to 2-weeks, all will be pushed to mainnet and the name of the project with token ticker will be revealed.

Technical Development Update

Inheriti® Multi-chain Plan Share Storage Preparation

The development team recently added another layer of parameters to the plan share data for enabling identification of which EVM blockchain that the plan shares are stored. For example, all current validator and blockchain backup plan shares are stored on VeChain, but in the future there will be plan shares stored across all supported SafeSwap chains. These enhancements were made to prepare for Inheriti® smart contract migration in the future. Now that Venly is successfully functioning for the mainnet of Inheriti®, and plan identification fields based upon chain designation have been included, the platform is one step closer to enabling multi-chain plan share storage protocols.

Creating an Inheriti® Plan

A few community members were establishing their plans this week and had a great question, so great that we are expanding upon the matter for all:

“Where do I write the instructions that explain how family members must recover assets with the critical data retrieved after the DMS is gone unanswered? Surely this cannot be within the inheritable data dialogue box, right?” — A Concerned Member’s Question

The answer to this question is that a user should utilize the ‘Plan Description’ dialogue box, found on the first page during setup, which has an unlimited amount of storage where one could write a novel if desired.

Don’t forget to check back the tutorial about how to create an Inheriti® plan

How to Set Up A Decentralized Inheritance Plan?

Celebrating The First 1,000 Real Atomic Swaps on SafeSwap🥳

What a big milestone for SafeSwap!

Though this number may not seem high when compared to a regular DEX utilized for swapping one asset for another, SafeSwap only has three tokens listed on the platform and we have had zero breaches to current date — most swapping platforms that tackle cross chain swaps become susceptible to hacks and lose millions in liquidity while we continue to remain formidable within the atomic swapping sector.

Keep in mind SafeSwap also brings utility for the SHA token. Each swap brings extra gas fees which we will use to buy SHA with. Currently the value of swap fees are around $1,700. Imagine how many swaps 20 projects can bring.

Community Engagement Update

SHAmanic Oracles — Chakra NFTs Airdropped

All wallets that staked +5 SHAmanic Oracles on the World of V marketplace last month have received their accumulated Chakra NFTs and $WOV tokens!

A new staking pool for the SHAmanic Oracles will be launching before the year ends 🥳🎁🎄

Sticker Design Contest

There are still 8 days left for participants to get their sticker designs curated for our 5th birthday anniversary celebration — may the best SHAman designs win, and equal luck to you all!

Prize Pool: 5 winners — each winner will receive 25k SHA and two sticker packs (each pack contains 5 stickers).

Shine a Light

This week we shine a light on numerous media content posted from members of the team and community:

Tholis, The Well Known Safe Haven Telegram bot, is Hungry 🍔

If members of the community have any great ideas for our loyal bot to incorporate, specifically functions that promote growth and a happy environment, then please feel free to submit them via email — Tholis is hungry!

Safe Haven’s Recently added Facebook Page

Please check out our Facebook Page and give it a like: https://www.facebook.com/safehaven.sha

Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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