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Flash Development Update [2023/04]

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Multiple business meetings took place with interested Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchains to migrate Inheriti® protocols to their chain. Each entity was informed that SafeSwap support for their chain must be instated to enable our SHA utility token to be utilized in future smart contracts that are translated and ported to the chains funding R&D. No contracts or letter of intents have been signed at current date, but numerous entities recognized the power of our patented military-grade and quantum-proof protocols, ultimately leading towards the CTO’s of each organization clarifying technical details and requirements of integration before making a decision to fund our developments on their blockchain.

Behind The Scenes

Credibility Proven Amongst Competitors

In the past, it was more difficult to get a crowd interested in understanding how to pass-on digital assets in a decentralized manner, but now it appears to be a hot topic of the new year as the occurrence of customers not being able to access centralized accounts and wallets increase. With the growth of a common problem on the rise, the likelihood of competitors was easily foreshadowed, and consumers have begun to look towards the oldest established protocols that have yet to be penetrated or infiltrated with brute-force and other hacking algorithms. Hence, the credibility of our patented three-layer distribution protocols powering Inheriti® outshine all centralized competitors, the only truly decentralized inheritance platform in existence at current date.

SafeKey Development Update

As the foundation nears numerous platform revamp and extension launches for Inheriti® in the year of 2023, our digital creative is putting the finishing touches on the rebranded SafeKey website and webshop. Previously, there were no bundle options that explained to users the model type and number of devices required to safeguard access to online accounts and/or the mnemonic key of private wallets. The new bundle options and pricing infrastructure will enable our services to be utilized and understood in a more user-friendly manner.

  • SafeKey website and store technical configurations and reviews are completed.

SafeKey Compatibility List

Take a look at the sneak peek of our upcoming SafeKey Compatibility List, where users can go to learn more about which platforms the SafeKey is compatible with utilizing FIDO2 (U2F) features. This page will better show the power behind our patented HSM device, revealing there are many more usecases than storing Inheriti® encrypted shares that unlock a decentralized inheritance or personal backup plan.

Last Chance For Low SafeKey Prices

This is your final chance to order our SafeKey HSM devices at reduced prices — the new branding will rollout next week and prices will be increased forever!

Comet Development Update

We are quietly constructing something amazing. A lot is taking place behind the scenes, and our CEO Jurgen gave a sneak peek of the progress. 😃


We appreciate this sort of community support very much, thanks @TheCrypticWolf1 and @drhoothoot!


Current Giveaway

The two SHA community giveaways are still open, join and support Safe Haven along the way. The winners selection will be on 29.1.2023 and 31.1.2023


In the coming weeks, while our developers continue to make headway on developments, we will focus on furthering synergies with the above mentioned interested Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) blockchains that want to migrate Inheriti® and SafeSwap protocols to their ecosystem.

  • We are confident we will check the first few items on our roadmap in January.
  • Last days to buy cheaper safekeys
  • Overall goal of 2023 remains the same

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