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Flash Development Update [2023/06]

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The recent settlement between the SEC and Kraken highlights the significance of self-custody and decentralization. The SEC claimed that Kraken was not in compliance with regulations while offering a staking service to its US customers, leading to a hefty fine of approximately $30 million and a halt to the service for US clients.

This reinforces our conviction in the importance of building a sustainable ecosystem for Safe Haven with real yield and why we are dedicating our efforts to creating fully decentralized applications and experiences with a focus on self-custody and utility.

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed by other major players in the industry, including KuCoin, who invited our CEO Jürgen Schouppe to participate in their Twitter Spaces discussion on “securing the crypto world” in celebration of Safer Internet Day 2023 as a recognized expert on the topic.

Listen to the insightful discussion by tuning into the recorded Twitter Spaces:


Comet 2.0 Sneak Peeks

The outdated version of Comet, Safe Haven’s browser wallet for Web3 and the Safe Haven ecosystem, was temporarily delisted from the Google Chrome Store by our team due to security concerns.

Rather than fixing the issues, we have decided to completely redesign Comet and build a new version, V2, from the ground up.

With a focus on improving the user interface and user experience, the rebranding of Comet also includes a refreshed brand style and a cleaner look for the overall Comet brand.

The goal is to make Comet the go-to vehicle for navigating the Safe Haven ecosystem and the Web3 world in general.


Yesterday we shared some sneak peeks about the improved UI.

For those who have been paying attention, you may have noticed what we were working on already.


In the Spotlight

SafeKey is Not a Hardware Wallet

Co-Founder Andy Demeulemeester Sharing One of Last Week’s Press Releases


Questions About Competition

Our product lineup is attracting growing attention, with people beginning to realize the potential of digital inheritance and decentralized data backup solutions.

Here’s our statement we shared some time ago

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In the News

The rebranding of SafeKey has been well-received by the market and our press release for SafeKey Pro has already been distributed amongst leading news websites such as Market Watch, Benzinga, Digital Journal, AZ Central, FOX, and NCN.

With the increasing number of data breaches and cyber-attacks, SafeKey Pro offers a much-needed solution for individuals and businesses who want to keep their information safe and secure.





Digital Journal


AZ Central







We’re striving to make Safe Haven an ecosystem of self-custodial decentralized applications and experiences. This focus has been emphasized in light of the recent SEC and Kraken settlement, which has brought the importance of self-custody and decentralization to the forefront.

Jürgen Schouppe, the CEO of Safe Haven and SafeTech, was invited invited by KuCoin to participate in a Twitter Spaces discussion on “Securing the Crypto World” this week.

After the rollout of the SafeKey rebranding, we’re now working on a new version of our browser wallet, Comet, with the aim of enhancing the user interface and overall user experience.

This showcases our commitment to making secure and user-friendly decentralized applications by focussing on building more utility, growing accessibility, being omnipresent and creating smooth user experiences for either Web2 and Web3 users.

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